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Low mileage second-hand car “smells and drives like new”

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August 22, 2017
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A careful owner, low mileage and provenance of service history are probably the first things you look for when buying a second-hand car.

Well, a rather nice seven-year-old Nissan Micra has come onto the market and it has done less than 2,700 since rolling off the production line in 2010. That’s less than 400 miles a year.

This particular model, a 1.2L hatchback manual, was one of the last Micras to roll off the production line in Sunderland and for seven years it was a little runaround for Sally Quigg’s second cousin.

But, as the speedo attests, he didn’t really drive that much at all. It was used for the odd trip to the shops and then every 500 miles, without fail, he took it to his local Nissan dealership in Preston to get it serviced and have the warranty stamped.

The car comes with all the mod cons of the “noughties” including electric windows, CD player, power steering, central locking and driver and passenger airbags.

low mileage

Low mileage second-hand car clocked mile a day for seven years

The mileage it has clocked up is around a mile a day, every day for seven years. The car was inherited by Sally when her relative passed away and she bumped up the mileage by driving it the 170 miles from Preston to her home in Bristol.

“It drives, looks and smells like a brand new car,” she said.

The Autotrader ad reads: “The mileage says it all, 2675 miles! Great little car to drive. Minimal cosmetic damage, small/tiny scratches on rear bumper and near door handles.

“Still smells new inside and drives like it just rolled of the forecourt.”

The car is being advertised for £3,999.

low mileage

Your low mileage second-hand car could save you money

The experts at Adrian Flux are motoring enthusiasts and they like owners who love to drive their cars. But if you find you own a car but don’t drive it very much, perhaps it’s a second car that only comes out on special occasions, you could qualify for a big “limited mileage discount” on your Adrian Flux insurance policy.

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