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Why do insurance companies check your driving licence?

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November 15, 2018
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It’s common for insurance companies to request copies of your documentation when issuing a new policy. However, many drivers are left wondering exactly what purpose this serves.

While providing a copy of your driving licence and other documents may be a minor hassle, insurers have a legitimate reason for carrying out a DVLA licence check. In fact, ensuring all policyholders provide full and accurate information regarding past convictions and penalties can actually save you money.

In the event of an accident, anyone found to have withheld information from their insurance provider runs the risk of their claim being invalid. Under the Road Traffic Act, it’s the insurer who is liable to pay for any third-party losses. Validating the accuracy of the information provided reduces the likelihood of this happening, with savings that can be passed down directly to you.

What checks will your insurer carry out?

Calculating an insurance quote can be a complicated process, and there are lots of different factors that insurers will take into account before issuing a new policy. These include previous convictions, details about your vehicle and your entitlement to drive.

This information is usually gathered by asking a few quick questions prior to issuing a quote, such as the type of car you’ll be insuring and how many miles you drive per year. However, some providers go the extra step and carry out a driving licence check with the DVLA.

Exactly what DVLA checks the insurer carries out is dependent on your chosen company. Most will take steps to validate the licence number and ensure the information you’ve provided matches with that on the DVLA database. The information provided by the DVLA typically includes:

  • Your entitlement to drive
  • Penalty points and convictions
  • Past disqualifications
  • The type of licence held
  • The length of time the licence has been held for.

Every insurer requires permission from the driver before carrying out these checks. The process is quick and easy, and usually doesn’t cause much delay when you take out a new insurance policy.

How to check your driving licence for convictions

Checking a UK driving licence for previous convictions is easy. All documentation can be accessed online via the government website, allowing you to view your driving record and check for penalty points or disqualifications in minutes.

To view your licence online, you’ll need your driving licence number, national insurance number and postcode.

What to do if you have a driving conviction

We understand that past offences don’t necessarily reflect your future. While many insurers penalise drivers with past convictions, at Adrian Flux we offer competitive quotes to drivers with previous motoring offences, including drink driving and other alcohol-related convictions.

We can help to arrange you an affordable insurance policy no matter the severity of your convictions. We’ll cover you even if you have existing points on your licence, or have previously been banned or temporarily disqualified from driving. 

To find out more about getting car insurance as a convicted driver, check out our dedicated convicted drivers page. You can also call our advisors on 0800 369 8590, or book a free call back at a time that’s convenient for you.

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