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Disabled driver insurance personalised to match your needs

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January 16, 2020
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For a disabled driver their vehicle is a lifeline. It provides them the means to travel from place to place on their own terms.

Disability adapted vehicle  are subject to the same rules as others on the road, but disabled drivers will have some very special needs from their motor insurance, needs that the team at Adrian Flux know all about.

disabled driver insurance

Bespoke disability adapted insurance policies

The team can help you navigate your way to a motor insurance policy that suits your wants and desires. We have policies that can cover damage to your mobility aids, vehicle adaptations and mobility equipment and offer many other options often overlooked by mainstream insurers and computer-based quoting systems. 

The Equality Act makes it illegal to penalise the disabled and increase insurance premiums due to their disability — but that doesn’t make getting the right insurance any easier.

It’s difficult for any driver to make an informed choice as to which insurance company to use and for the disabled the choice is even harder.

 There are now several brokers and mainstream insurers that offer insurance for disability adapted vehicles but often they have a limited selection of schemes that may not represent good value for money. 

 Adrian Flux is a specialist broker with extensive experience and knowledge of the disabled driver insurance sector. 

disabled driver insurance

‘We know the problems faced by disabled drivers’

The company was set up in the mid 1970s when Adrian Flux, himself a disabled driver, realised how difficult it was to get cover that reflected his needs. Adrian Flux  are now experts in the issues concerning disabled drivers and Motability and offer more than 200 car insurance schemes covering just about every disability imaginable.

That includes, in the event of a claim, keeping disabled drivers on the road by paying up to £50 per day to cover the cost of a taxi, bus or alternative hire car, if we cannot provide a suitable replacement vehicle while repairs are being carried out.

Cheaper and quicker quotes are available over the phone. Call 0800 369 8590 or request a call back at a time that suits you. 



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