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Famous Mini owners, from Steve McQueen to Madonna

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March 15, 2021
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The folklore surrounding the Mini is like that of no other car. Designed by Alec Issigonis and produced by the British Motor Corporation from 1959 until the last Mini rolled off the production line in 2000, the Mini was embraced by every generation and made famous by some of the brightest stars of the day, from supermodels to pop stars. 

Here, we take a look at some of the most iconic Mini owners of all time and discover how they personalised and paid homage to their beloved cars.

Steve McQueen

When you’re as cool as Steve McQueen, only a Mini will do, and for McQueen it was the Mark II 1967 Cooper S. Purchased in the Mini’s heyday in the 1960s, McQueen customised his Mini with a metallic bronze and beige paint job, recessed antenna and wooden dash. Groovy, man.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss helped Mini keep its cool factor well into the 21st century, as she was spotted driving a white Mini Cooper in 2001 soon after passing her driving test. Today, she passes her love of Minis on to her daughter, Lila, whom she gifted a replica of her beloved white Mini Cooper on her 18th birthday in September 2020.

Rowan Atkinson

Is there a person alive in Britain who doesn’t have the image of Mr. Bean sitting in an armchair on top of his Mini driving it with a broom and pulley rope system burned into their memory? Didn’t think so. Rowan Atkinson’s antics as Mr.Bean are famous and none more so than when he got behind (or above) the wheel of his Mini.

Enzo Ferrari

Yes, the Italian motor racing driver and entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari was a big fan of the Mini and apparently drove one to work most days. But not just any old Mini, Enzo drove a customised Mini Cooper, gifted to him by Mini designer Alec Issigonis himself.

George Harrison

As seen in The Beatles’ made-for-TV movie, ‘Magical Mystery Tour’, George Harrison’s psychedelic Mini, an Austin Cooper S, LGF 695D, epitomises the personalisation available to Mini owners. Should you wish to paint artwork from the book, Tantra Art: Its Philosophy and Physics, onto your car, of course.


What else would the Material Girl herself drive than a Mini Cooper S Hatch? Driven frequently around London in 2002, while living there with then-husband director Guy Richie, the 3-door car was forever immortalised in her song, American Life, where she sang, “I drive my Mini Cooper…And I’m feeling super-dooper”. Quite the shout-out.

Paul McCartney

While it seems every member of The Beatles owned a Mini at some point, it was probably Paul McCartney who used his most. The 1965 Mini Cooper S DeVille was beautifully customised with sage green paint, woodgrain interior, power windows and Aston Martin tail lights. A cool car fit for rock n’ roll royalty.

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