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How to be a better delivery driver

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April 20, 2022
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Being a delivery driver can be a tough but very rewarding job – after all, while you may work unusual hours, you’re providing members of the public with packages they need. 

It is a highly social job that requires the utmost concentration as you drive from drop-off to drop-off. Whether you’re driving for a courier company or you’ve started your own courier business, poor delivery service often results in complaints and customers choosing not to use your services again. This can be detrimental for your future contracts as a courier.

There are ways to avoid this, though – and it all comes down to being the best possible delivery driver you can be. Read on to find out how to be a better delivery driver.

1. Be a responsible driver

delivery driver

Unfortunately, not every driver on the road is a good one. While they may have passed their test once upon a time, some drivers have developed terrible habits, such as looking at their phone while driving or speeding. And whilst you can’t control how other road users drive, you can ensure you are following the rules of the road. 

Make sure you are avoiding distractions such as answering your phone, eating, drinking, smoking or trying to change your music or podcast while driving. Being safe on the road is imperative, not only for your safety but for all drivers and passengers. 

It’s also a great idea to ensure your courier van insurance covers you in the event of an accident, or if you need to make a claim.  

2. Get to know your vehicle

If you’re new to delivery driving or you have a new van, it is best to do a few trial runs when you’re off the clock so you can be at one with your vehicle. Getting used to the size of your van, its steering and its engine capacity is an excellent way to find out your van’s capabilities. It is also a good idea to see how much you can fit in your van before you go out for your first shift in your new vehicle. 

Good drivers know how to operate their cars and how to react to potentially harmful situations. So, be sure to keep info about the delivery vehicle in your mind at all times, questioning: Is the vehicle powerful enough to safely carry out overtaking manoeuvres? How hard do the brakes need to be pushed to stop the vehicle completely? Is the car fitted with an anti-lock braking system (ABS)?

3. Plan your journey before you start

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Knowing the quickest route for your day’s deliveries will not only make your life easier, but your customers will also appreciate their deliveries being delivered on time. Making sure that you’re punctual will ensure they leave a positive review and will reuse your service again in the future.  

Planning your route is the most crucial aspect of ensuring a successful day, most package businesses assign their workers as many deliveries as they can handle to maximise profit on each day. This means you’ll have to be efficient and cover more routes.

4. Ensure you maintain concentration

Delivery drivers often work long hours and spend a large portion of their week on the road, so ensuring your concentration levels remain excellent is a top priority. It’s easy for driving to become a monotonous task, especially if you’re driving for a prolonged period of time. This is why it is important to ensure you get the recommended eight hours of sleep per night to make sure you’re refreshed before your shift and avoid getting drowsy.

You should also try and avoid fatty and unhealthy foods as they can make you feel sluggish at the wheel. Where possible, it’s best to avoid stimulants such as caffeine as they can make it hard to concentrate on the road. 

5. Ensure you are delivering an excellent customer service

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There’s more to being a delivery driver than your driving skills. You are a reflection of your own company or the delivery service you work for and being a people person is a huge part of the role. So, don’t underestimate the importance of being friendly, having great attention to detail, and having excellent communication skills. 

Customers won’t hesitate to switch to a competitor brand if you’re unreliable, show up late, don’t get the correct orders, or are unpleasant. Strive to be calm and patient, and leave a positive impression, even if you encounter a difficult customer.

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