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What insurance do I need to be a courier van driver?

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February 1, 2022
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If you’re thinking of setting yourself up in business as a courier van driver, you will have to consider what insurance you need to operate safely.

There are three types of insurance that you need as a courier van driver, which we will explain in further detail in this blog:

  • Insurance for your van
  • Insurance for the goods you are transporting
  • Insurance for public liability

Insurance for your van

Courier van insurance allows you to use your vehicle for picking up and delivering parcels, packages, and letters.

It takes account of the fact that, as a courier, you’ll be driving for longer than most motorists, so you will be at a higher risk of being involved in an accident and needing to make a claim.

If you work as a courier van driver but only take out standard van insurance for private use, your insurer is unlikely to pay out in the event of making a claim. This could cost far more than paying for the right cover in the first place. If you’re worried that courier van insurance will cost extra, read our blogs on how much courier van insurance costs, 15 ways to save money on the cost of your van insurance and the cheapest vans to insure.

courier van

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels.

Three levels of courier van insurance cover available

If you’ve set yourself up in business as a courier, you’ll have to decide what level of cover you want for your delivery van. As well as the three levels of cover, a broker will be able to tell you about the benefits and optional extras that can be arranged with your insurance.

The three levels of cover are:

  1. Third-party only is the basic level of cover needed to protect you against damage or injury to third-party property, including other vehicles and people. Bear in mind, it doesn’t protect your own vehicle.
  2. Third-party, fire and theft is the same as third-party only cover but  you also get cover for fire damage to, or theft of, your vehicle.
  3. Comprehensive provides cover for the scenarios above, but provides added peace of mind with cover for damage to your own vehicle.

Insurance for the goods you are transporting

As well as insurance for your van, you should also have goods in transit cover. This insures the items you deliver while you go about your work as a courier.

From accidental breakages to items being stolen from your vehicle, transporting any item, big or small, can pose an expensive risk – one that could have serious implications for your business should the worst happen.

Our goods in transit cover is available at a number of different levels depending on your needs, from £67.20 for up to £1,000 worth of goods in transit to £172.20 for up to £75,000 worth of goods.

Goods in transit cover is optional, though many of the people you do business with may insist on it to protect their own interests.

Wiithout insurance for the goods you are delivering, you will be responsible for the damage, loss or theft of these items. This means you might have to fork out the money needed to replace them yourself if you don’t have the right cover.

courier van

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Insurance for public liability

Public liability cover will protect you in the event someone tries to sue you for injury, property damage or illness.

There are many scenarios when this might easily happen:

  • You kick over and damage something valuable while on someone’s property delivering a parcel
  • You put a parcel on the pavement while you lock your van door to make a delivery and a jogger trips over it and sustains an injury
  • You bump into and injure a passerby while carrying a large parcel for delivery

Without public liability insurance, you could find yourself facing a hefty demand for damages, which could jeopardise your courier business and impact your private life.

Adrian Flux’s public liability insurance is an optional extra on courier van policies and can be arranged for just £99, which will protect up to £5 million in liability fees.

courier van

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels.

Did you consider breakdown insurance?

What would happen to your courier business if your vehicle, which is your main source of income, broke down? Adrian Flux offers breakdown cover as an optional extra with its courier van driver policies. It costs from just £99 a year and it will keep you on the move and earning money whenever you break down anywhere in the UK or Europe.

Another optional extra aimed at keeping you on the move is keycare cover, insurance for your keys, for just £19 a year.

Why choose Adrian Flux courier van insurance?

Our highly trained team knows about the types of cover a courier needs and is dedicated to getting you the best deal, whether you’re self-employed or you work for a courier company.

With a range of policies to choose from, our policies provide peace of mind that you and your vehicle are protected should anything go wrong. Get a great value courier van insurance quote now by calling 0333 253 3226.

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