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Does car insurance cover car wrapping?

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June 9, 2022
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Car wrapping has grown in popularity in recent years for people who want to personalise their vehicles. Here the car modification experts at Adrian Flux answer some of your questions about car wrapping and the effects it may have on your insurance.

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What is car wrapping?

Car wrapping is the application of a coloured, patterned or sign-written vinyl or plastic wrap on the outside of the vehicle. It’s quicker than a respray, can be removed pretty quickly to restore the car to its former appearance and it’s much cheaper too. It has a practical purpose as well; the wrap protects the paintwork beneath it.

How long does a car wrap last?

Experts reckon a professional ca wrap, using top quality materials and installed at a specialist wrapping centre, will last between three and five years.

The longevity of the wrap can be affected by extreme weather conditions and poor driving. Extended periods of very hot weather, for example, may cause wrap edges to begin to peel, while sloppy driving, scuffs and bumps on car panels, can cause the vynil to split.

Is car wrapping legal?

Yes, it’s perfectly legal to give your car a full body or partial wrap. A car wrap is viewed in the same manner as a car respray, though it’s only a temporary measure.

The only restriction is that you can’t get car wrapping to mislead other road users that your vehicle is a police car.

Is a car wrap a modification?

Yes, even if it’s not a full body wrap, a vehicle wrap is a modification to the standard factory specification of your vehicle.

Do I have to notify my insurer if I get a wrap?

Yes, you must declare a wrap to your insurer when you take out a policy. As a wrap is a modification, you must inform your insurer about it to avoid the risk of your policy becoming void. If you are getting a wrap on a car that is already insured, you must notify your insurer of a change of circumstance.

What would happen if I didn’t declare a wrap?

You would be in breach of the terms and conditions of your insurance policy and that could mean your cover is revoked or any claim you make is refused.

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Will a wrap increase the cost of my insurance, if so why?

A wrap may increase the cost of your insurance, but it doesn’t have to. It depends on the overall risk of the vehicle being insured and which insurance company you speak to.

There are two ways to look at it:

  • A wrap makes your vehicle more obvious so if it was stolen, it would be easier to find and recover, meaning it might be less of a target for theft.
  • A wrap makes your vehicle more note-worthy so it may make it more of a target for vandalism.

Adrian Flux is a specialist modified car insurance provider that generally looks at car modifications the second way. We work with a wide panel of insurers so we can usually find a deal that you’ll be happy with.

For a swift quote to cover your wrapped car or van, call  0808 588 1197 – 81.5% of all customers receiving an online quote in August 2022 could have obtained a cheaper quote over the phone, based on the information they provided.

Do I need to do anything else if I get my car wrapped?

You will also need to contact the DVLA as a wrap more often than not will change the colour of your car so the car’s V5C must be updated to match.

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