BMW R25 Classic Motorcycle


When it comes to motorcycles rendered with classic craftsmanship, you don’t get more classic or more craftsmanlike than BMW early fifties staple the R25. Looking at the simplicity of the thing leaves us little wonder that there’s a backlash against technology in the garage built scene that’s been springing up all over the biking planet.

In the spirit of this mechanical simplicity, we found this fascinating little video here from the BMW factory of the early fifties. It’s part corporate promo, part propaganda newsreel from the phoenix like rebuilding of German industry.

It’s easy to imagine the bemused, exasperated look askance from the English crowd who would have watched this before their Saturday night main feature at the pictures – itching in their demob suits, the taste of powdered egg repeating on them.

The world turns, things changes. But some things remain the same.



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  1. old git

    You would be hard to find a prodution line with that many people now even triumph in thailand dont have that many.