Drive: the movie


This Friday Nicolas Winding Refn’s new movie Drive is due for UK release.

Refn won best director at this year’s Cannes film festival for the slick existential thriller, which is a riff on Jean Pierre Melville’s 1967 classic le Samourai– the tale of a lone assassin.

In that broody, elliptical study, played by stone cold French idol Alain Delon  there was more moody silence and long shots of silent spaces than car chases – but this offering promises plenty of crash bang and wallop for your hard-earned.

The film also obviously bears a resemblance to The Driver, too, the 1978 car chase movie that makes it onto our top ten of all time.

In Refn’s film Hollywood hottie Ryan Gosling plays a stunt performer who moonlights as a wheelman and discovers that a contract has been put on him after a heist goes badly wrong. Curvacious star of Mad Men Christina Hendricks is co star too (which will help).

Looking at the trailer there’s a lot of Mustang action, some class stunt driving and even a bit of Nascar hero worship. But what we’re excited about is the metaphoric potency of being behind the wheel examined, pretty much for the first time since the seventies.

It’s about time that an intelligent take on the act of driving made it back onto our screens.