Ferrari 550 Maranello


When the 550 Maranello was launched back in 1996: it would have cost you £160K.

The 485 BHP V12 it came with meant it could pull away in less than 5 seconds and could make almost 200MPH in the top end. It was a classic front engined Ferrari GT.

This was a very usable supercar too, by all accounts. It had a mature presence on the roads that other Ferraris around at the time didn’t have – and its cabin was slick and understated – and came with the chrome-gated six-speed as standard. This was a relatively reliable car too, apparently – and an annual standard service wouldn’t cost you more than £1000.

And the thing is, these days, for a variety of reasons that don’t bar the desire: you can pick an incredibly good one up for the price of a mid-range senior rep’s motorway eater.

A few years ago, in the depths of the financial crisis, there were a few of these around for £35K – have a look now and you’ll see that’s creeping up to around £50K as an average – but we think it’s still a cracking bargain.

Now where’s that chequebook?