1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 ‘Quadcam’


All images courtesy RM Auctions

For the last week it has been impossible to get this Ferrari out of our noggin.

Unbelievably, this gorgeous Ferrari was the first ever to be issued without wire wheels as standard.

And whoever made that decision deserves a medal. There’s something about those solid alloys that is just so right.

The V12 engine came, in this designation, with the famous quad cam configuration now with a four-cam engine – as well as six carburettors as standard.

The individual cylinder capacity remained unchanged at slightly under 275cc, which as before gave the model the first three digits of its name.

Apparently the transaxle was also redesigned. A ‘torque tube’ connected the engine and transmission, rather than allowing them to float free on the body as before. This improved handling, noise, and vibration. Porsche synchronizers were also fitted in the gearbox, for improved shifting and reliability.

But technical details be damned. This is without doubt, at least one of the most sexy cars that has ever existed.

It’s friday, we’re in love.