Simca 1000 Rallye


With fuel prices soaring and the daily necessities of negotiating town traffic, a person’s thoughts often turn to small, nippy, affordable motors.

But the current crop of pocket rockets, apart from, perhaps, the Abarth trimmed Fiat 500, are so uninspiring.

There is of course, the perennial Mini to think about – and enough of them available to make an original mini a realistic and practical classic classic purchase.

But of late we in these towers have been idling away a moment or two thinking about tracking down a Simca 100 Rallye.

You can see how that boxy, squat format created by Carrozzeria Boano, combined with the back-happiness of the rear-mounted lump, made this an ideal tool to chuck around.

The classic little car not unlike that other old fave the Hillman Imp proved hugely popular all over France in the sixties and seventies.

Abarth himself made forays into tunage of the mille, but Simca themselves came out with the lovely Rallye version of the car in the latter stages of its illustrious, if understated career.