Ferrari F40 LM


We were going to tag this post as one of regular ‘car crush’ offerings. But, on reflection we think it deserves the tage Lust over ‘Crush’.

Without getting into a dodgy pseudo-philosphical rant about the nature of love, desire and passion, we’ll just say this. We’re not in love with this car. We just WANT it.

The LM derivative of the eighties Ferrari supercar was built in extremely limited numbers for Ferrari’s highly favoured and honoured clienti.

This coterie of silver foxes and oligarchs of various hue were treated to a car that was developed for competition by Michelotto of Padova on behalf of the factory.

The LM benefited from a reinforced chassis as well as a deeper front air dam and larger, cockpit adjustable rear wing. It had even more of a stripped down, racing oriented cabon than the factory model too, along with stiffer suspension, up-rated brakes and running gear.

The specially-prepared engine produces between 850-900bhp – quite a handful if you were ever thinking of taking one out onto a busy English street.

It’s not particularly likely that you’ll ever do this – or even see one – apart from at Goodwood and other classic/historic racing events. There were after all only 17 of these cars produced.

But no matter how rare this brutal beauty may be, it’ll always appear in our racing dreams.