Geneva Motor Show: Ford Fiesta S-T 200


200 horses strapped to Ford Fiesta...

It’s Geneva time of year again.

And while the main bulk of the automotive world is agog at the latest crossover launched by a premium brand – from Aston Martin to Maserati and everything between, we’re interested in a hot little Fiesta that Ford is launching at the show.

Maybe we’re just a little more prole than the rest of the motoring press, but the continual hi-end reimagining of the small-scale SUV is getting a little old. What we like is a fun little ride that’s accessible, simple and fun.

If you’d have told us a few years ago that Ford would bring out a Fiesta that could pull away in 6.7 seconds and could make over 140 MPH in the top end, we would have said you were having a gas.

But this Fiesta is slated to do just that.

According to the wires in advance of the launch, the ST 200 will come with 17-inch alloy wheel specification, Fiesta ST200 models also will feature red painted brake callipers and an enhanced interior with unique partial leather charcoal Recaro front seats and contrasting silver stitching, alongside illuminated scuff plates and seat belts with silver detailing.

The ST 200’s engine is a 1.6-litre EcoBoost, which can deliver an additional 15PS and 30Nm of torque for up to 15 seconds using something they’re calling ‘transient overboost’. A 4.06 ratio final drive – shortened from 3.82 in the Fiesta ST – further enhances in-gear acceleration for improved drivability and an even more fun to drive experience.

Press gobbledegook aside. It looks hellish fun.