Americana: 65 Corvette


Images: Le Container, Uncle John

We’re going to be unashamedly personal, unabashedly pro American today. But there you go. It’s the fourth of July, for heaven’s sake. What better time to share our favourite slice of American pie – the ’65 Corvette Stingray?

Our uncle John, in Simi Valley, California, is to blame. Having purchased the blue open-topped beauty around ’77 (see the triptych below), he currently keeps the car, decommissioned, lying under a heavy tarp on his front porch, protected from the California sun and shrouded from the scent of Jasmine that permeates all here.

John admits that he has neglected his hunk of classic steel and plans to get the car back on the road and complete a long-planned ambition to traverse Route 66 – that mythical stretch of tarmac that runs through the American heartland.

He had originally planned to make the trip with his brother Michael – who tragically died quickly and unexpectedly around a year ago. Message to John: get that car back on the road, step out on that dream highway and drive hard to his memory!

Here’s to the ’65 Corvette, to Route 66, uncle John and the American road.