Hot Rod Exploitation

Cars Culture

The history of the hot rod scene is of course intertwined with that of rock’n’roll. And at the end of the fifties, when teen rebellion was being packaged as yet another consumer decision of the chrome clad American dream, hollywood of course wanted a slice of the action.

But it wasn’t just big studio productions like Rebel Without a Cause and The Wild One that got involved. There were dozens of cheaper, more obscure exploitation flicks that populated the drive ins and matinees of America.

Hot Rod Gang featured rock legend Gene Vincent, along with his band of players the Blue Caps. The film is full the usual caste of characters racing, fighting, flirting and dancing to Vincent classics. There are chicken runs, betrayals, drag races and frustrated teen angst : all the elements that made teenagers ache to own a hot rod, and therefore perpetuate the culture.

But we love the bold, pulpish noir of the graphic style of these posters. And of course, the music is killer, too.