Koenigsegg Agera Breaks Records?


But we stumbled recently across this morning this amazing footage of Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg‘s latest creation, the 5.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 Agera, recently breaking the record for going from 0-300KM/h and then back to a stop. You can see all the official numbers on the Koeniggsegg site.

Now, we’re not really sure of the veracity of this sort of stuff. That’s why we don’t usually post stuff on the fastest, quickest, most outrageous hypercars. Our friends and collaborators at places like Pistonheads and other sites do this with more insider knowledge than us about these sorts of things.

We’re not sure even sure if these sorts of things actually matter, either, apart from the way it appeals to that little boyish, top-trumpish bit inside all of us. But, as that part of us is actually pretty huge, we thought we’d share this anyway.

The record is acknowledged, the original posters of the clip reckon, by the people at the official Guinness World Records (is that still a Mcwhirter? If so we’ll try to get them on the phone).

Video below has in-car footage, and some external stuff in the last bit. Pretty wild.

If you follow the link to Youtube, you can see there’s some discussion about wether or not the Bugatti Veyron Supersport outdoes the Agera.

We’ll let you decide what to believe.

via Hypebeast, Autoblog