This morning we’ve been thinking about a phenomenon that’s been trawling its way through every aspect of our culture of late.

It’s all about authenticity.

In the boomtimes we’re always simply worried about the new: the cutting edge, the innovative, the next big thing. Bubble economies are inflated by this endless chase for the next way to turn around a pound note. It takes harder times and shrinking economies to wake us up to the enduring fact that the hand-wrought, the bespoke: the authentic are the things that really move your soul.

When all’s said and done, something that is abstracted from trends and flashes-in-the-pan; things that are rooted in things like hard-work, classic aesthetics and tradition – these are the things that bring you through the bad times.

The film below, that focuses on Liberty Vintage Motorcycles is a classic example of a focus on something that aches within us.

Now where did I put that adjustable spanner?