Masterclass: Sir Stirling & The Cooper


Down tools for ten minutes and enjoy with us this informative and entertaining video of Sir Stirling Moss threading a beautiful little Cooper around Donington Park. The car is similar to the one in which Sir Stirling won the 1958 Argentine Grand Prix – and also the one in which Jack Brabham won the 1959 World Driver’s Championship.

We can’t be sure exactly which designation is the car in the video, a T45 or a T51 – but pedantry aside we think you’ll agree it’s a very lovely piece of machinery.

This is the sort of lightweight, rear-engined car that ushered in an area of Empire dominance and loosened Ferrari, Mercedes and Masterati’s stranglehold on the sport.

Despite its lack of torsional rigidity and safety features it still managed to top 160 on a long straight, and achieved amazing performance for such a small car.

Little wonder the guys, like Stirling, who raced these machines were made of rakish, swashbuckling stuff.


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