Paul Ricard Circuit Art


Images via Le Container & Jean-Baptiste Sauvage

We always thought that the amazing Paul Ricard circuit was a work of art in itself.

The circuit, which nestles enticingly on a plateau beyond the hills inland from the French Riviera, is one of the most sophisticated wired tracks in Europe – fully monitored and marshalled electronically – and is the sort of sweeping, spectacular layout that makes it a favourite for testing and track days alike.


Our time in a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano will stay with us forever.

But the most visually obvious of the cutting edge tech and the design are the colourful, friction-enducing runoff areas that define the perimeter of the circuit.

Now artist Jean-Baptiste Sauvage has used the colourways of Paul Ricard to make a statement in itself.

The work forms part of Motopoétique, an exhibition featuring over 200 pieces from 42 artists that respond to the visual language of bike culture and the relationship between man and machine.

The show, curated by gallerist Paul Ardenne is at Mac Lyon until 20 April.