The Ubiquity of Belstaff

Bikes Culture

Now we kind of dig the whole Belstaff thing. Because over all other ways of wearing motorcycle gear, the classic lines of the brand’s products are probably the least offensive.

You can ride a motorbike in a Belstaff, be protected and warm and still drop into the caff or the pub, or even a business meeting, without appearing to be a twisted fetishist.

Belstaff’s fashion/ crossover appeal has been getting up our noses of late. All things Belstaff seem to become more ubiquitous with every fashionable season – with strange, crimply textures and offbeat colourways showing up in the trendier fashion outlets.

We doubt their sponsorship of the McGregor/Boorman blagfest will do them any favours either, in the long term.

More than any of this, though, there’s something about the hard, soulless stares of the models in the ads, something about the recuperation of biker style into the iconography of High Street fashion that leaves a funny taste in the mouth.

Come on Belstaff. Go back to your roots.