Tepui Tents


We at influx towers have always aspired to do proper off road adventure one day. There’s something about the untrammelled feeling of freedom that comes with busting free from the rules and regulations of the highway. It’s a different, primal form of motoring wicked fun.

Problem is, there’s a lot of planning and prep needs doing.

That of course is part and parcel of the appeal for many of us. And if you like combining your love of the great outdoors with the love of motors and associated kit, then these trick tents are just the thing.

Off road adventures would be a lot easier if you could simply drive to a parking spot, unpack a tiny, bespoke tent right on top of the vehicle, and get your proper nights sleep.

The Tepui Tent allows offroaders to transcend most of these existential crises of camping; you keep away from the damp and the critters and keep both your vehicle and the rest of your kit secure.

When you want to stop overnight all it takes is a simple climb up an aluminum ladder and the camper enjoys an elevated place to lay his head.

The tents apparently collapse to a package less than twelve inches square, too, so it shouldn’t take up even as much room as that extra jerry can of fuel.

Definitely a want for next summer.