Team Husqvarna


Superb type, of course
Superb type, of course

We’ve always had a thing about the Husky brand. If you were onboard Team Husqvarna, you were the heir to a lovely sort of Euro-sensibility that put your dirt bike apart from the rest of the kids on Japanese machines.

And stumbling across these images of Team Husqvarna branding, we realise that it’s those strong, bold lines and beautifully-rendered type that is most to credit for how cool it was to own one.

But looking at the Husky bikes of the seventies and before, you can really see that they were simply more mechanically beautiful than the Japanese machines that came and conquered all.

For some reason, the brand moved away from this simplicity in the eighties and the bikes began to look more and more like the Honda, Kawasakis and Yamahas that made ruled the Motocross world.

Shame that. They were on to a winner, methinks…