Buick Riviera : Hidden Headlamps



We think this might be the first GIF we have ever posted. They’re usually either NSFW or a little twisted, or some combination of the above.

But when we saw this we were astounded by the mid century modernism of these hidden headlamps. We’ve been trying to scour the webs to identify this freak of fifties auto culture.

Any ideas out there? We think it’s a Buick Riviera, but we can’t be positive.

You can, like the rest of the universe go to the Wikis to to see if you can get to grips with just one of the American classics that used hidden headlight tech way before the seventies, when the popularity of the form really took hold.

What we love about this particular style is that the way they retract serves no obvious purpose than the purely aesthetic; and we reckon that whoever designed this car must have taken inspiration from George Barris.


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