Jaguar XJR-S


OK, it was a lumbering brute, the XJS. Early editions were plagued by unreliability and rust – it was an honorouble conception but a badly executed late Leyland-Era attempt to bring the Jaguar label back into the arena of the suave GT.

But boy, didn’t the facelift version with the V12 R treatment, make up for it?

There’s something brutally flowing, and period-correct about the long, low profile of the later cars. Tom Walkinshaw Racing had a capitalised on success in the Touring car championships in the mid eighties by producing a tuned version – and Jag capitalised on the popularity of these dropped monsters by bringing out their own version.

And, of course, being turned on by the ephemera of car culture, we loved these scans of the brochure from the last version of the XJR-S – and we think it’s easy to see how this car was a prescient echo of the good things that would eventually come again to the marque.