Maserati Karif


You have to love Maserati.

Their old naming protocol, anyway. Take the Karif, for example.

According to the webs the car was named after the wind which blows South West across the Gulf of Aden at Berbera, Somalia.

It doesn’t get much more obscure than that.

And cars don’t get as obtusely interesting (and rare) that Masser’s short lived 2+2 coupé. And the thing could shift, as well as possessing the glamour or rarity.

Under the hood was the powerful biturbo engine (below), a double blown V6 2.8 unit that could crank out close to 300 hp.


We can’t help thinking that there’s real value in rarity in itself. There have not been many 2+2 ‘notchbacks’ ever produced, anywhere – and in the end only a couple of hundred Karifs were sold before production ceased in the early nineties.

It’s Friday, we’re in love.