Adventures in Biodiesel

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Not all the huge, gas guzzling trucks in America are destroying the planet all of the time. Take Keith Malloy’s Ford F350 Superduty.

Keith is part of a tightly knit California Ranch-raised family who not only care for and respect their environment, but need vehicles to carry out their daily chores and professional responsibilities. Keith and his brothers are also brand ambassadors for clothing brand Patagonia – world leaders in ethical and sustainable business.

With the distances they have to travel and the sort of terrain they can expect to encounter both at work and at play, they need big, tough vehicles as a matter of course.

Back in 006 Keith had his rig converted for use with Biodeisel.


It takes time and commitment to fully run a car on alternative fuels, but with the sort of fuel consumption that these trucks run and with petrolium based fuel prices (even in the USA) destined to continually rise, for many it makes long term sense to get started with the idea of fueling our cars alternatively.

Check out Keith and family’s adventurous experiment, where they attempted to travel from Bend in Oregon, all the way to Baja California in Mexico using alternative fuels and having as much fun as possible on the way.