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Want to help decide the content of an Influx video?

In 2019 we’re going to be showing more videos than ever before – and this time our social media followers get to choose what happens!

We’re offering you the chance to help decide what a video will be about, and how it is styled. First, we’ll ask you to help choose a car from a shortlist of 16. Then, we’ll ask you to choose a location for the video and, finally, ask you to choose a style.

So which cars have we chosen?

Here a few of the 16 shortlisted models.

We wanted to make sure that any choice you make will create a fantastic film that everyone should enjoy – so the first round of polls on our Twitter page will find the ultimate Ford, the best Vauxhall, the standout VW and finally the most attractive Mercedes.  You’ll have to check our the polls to see the full list of which ones are in the running! You’ll also note we’ve decided not to include vehicles we’ve featured in the past – so no VW Camper or Ford Fiesta for example.

These polls will take place on the evening of 26th December, and will take pitch four Fords against each other, four Vauxhalls, four Volkswagens and finally four Mercedes-Benzes.

Each Twitter poll will run for one day – revealing your favourite from each brand. We’ll then pitch the four best-of-marque cars you’ve chosen against each other, and that poll will take place on 27th December.

On the 28th we’ll reveal the winning car (or van…) and ask you to decide a location between Coastal, Urban, Indoor or Countryside.

We’ll reveal the location winner 24 hours later, and finally ask you want you’d like the video to be like – History, Artistic, Interview or Culture. Once we have a car, a location and a style, the team at WXVE will set about creating that film, and should be ready for you to view in early 2019.

What video will we end up with? Who knows, but one thing is clear – it’ll all be your fault.