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The ‘life-saving’ black box that is slowing young drivers down

Speeding remains a serious problem despite attempts to slow all drivers – especially those that have just passed – down. However, Adrian Flux is delighted to confirm that its FluxScore black box insurance offering is having a positive impact on easing the understandable concerns of parents and guardians.

Government findings show speeding remains a problem

Learner driver in car

In 2019, 88 people aged 17 to 24 lost their lives on British roads and a further 1,234 youngsters were injured while behind the wheel. Another 287 people, including passengers and pedestrians, were killed in crashes involving a young car driver.

The Department for Transport Select Committee’s report also found that while young drivers made up only 7% of all licence holders, they were involved in 16% of fatal and serious crashes – a worrying statistic, with speeding in the age group remaining a serious problem.

The DFT’s findings stated police records showed that 37.9% of crashes involving young drivers involved either “careless” or “reckless” driving that was “too fast for conditions” or was found “exceeding the speed limit”.

Road safety charity Brake’s survey found the demographic were 20% more likely to drive at the highest speed compared to their older counterparts.

Rural roads remain an accident hotspot for drivers

Rural roads continue to cause problems for some young drivers. Picture: ANNIE SPRATT, UNSPLASH

In 2019, 73% of young car driver fatalities occurred on rural roads where the need to slow all drivers down, especially young and inexperienced ones, continues to be a pressing issue.

Reducing speed not only helps prevent accidents but significantly reduces the severity of injuries sustained as a result of any impact. An average increase in speed of just 0.6mph results in a 3% higher risk of a crash involving injury, according to the World Health Organisation.

The need for slower and safer driving remains across all ages.

FluxScore: positively influencing young driver behaviour

A number of methods continue to be used to try and combat the problem, including technological-based insurance cover for drivers who, usually, have just passed their test.

Black box policies, sometimes referred to as telematics, monitor driver behaviour and reward safer and slower driving by offering cheaper renewal premiums based on performance.

We have analysed the behaviour of some of our young drivers who have taken out FluxScore black box policies with us. The findings suggest the type of cover is positively influencing young driver behaviour.

Analysis shows our offering is reducing the number of significant and gross speeders by a huge 60% and 70% respectively. Crucially, the research shows it achieves the values of 42% and 52% after the box and app have been enabled for 90 days, showing it reduces speeding in the long term.

Visual representation of FluxScore’s analysis into speeding drivers

Teenager hails black box safety feature after crash

Ayesha Jenkins ended up in a ditch despite travelling at just 10mph in snowy conditions on a 30mph road.

The upsetting incident was made less distressing thanks to the FluxScore black box’s automatic dial out safety function. It kicks in if it suspects there’s been an accident and rings through to a team that are experienced in dealing with emergency situations and can talk to the driver while assessing the seriousness of the incident.

“It was really nice to have someone there to speak to as soon as it happened because you’re sort of in a state where you don’t really know what’s going on,” said the 18-year-old in an interview about her night-time accident on a rural road near Hereford.

“It’s definitely technology that can save lives. Mine wasn’t a serious accident, but if someone is unconscious after a crash with this black box in the car, someone is going to know.”

How does Fluxscore work?

FluxScore app

The FluxScore app, available for Android and iOS phones, is linked to the box on the inside of the windscreen and gives drivers daily updates to show how the previous 24 hours’ driving has affected their renewal premium. It shows how cheap their renewal could be if they continue to drive well.

The idea is that you are rewarded for driving well and safely with lower premiums when you renew your insurance.

Launched in 2016, the industry-leading black box was the first self-fitted device of its kind – a model that some other insurers have adopted since.

Where can I get black box cover as a young driver?

Adrian Flux offer black box insurance cover for young drivers that not only saves money but eases some of the safety concerns for the just-passed person behind the wheel and their parents and guardians.

It’s not just slowing drivers down that makes our black box insurance cover so appealing. There’s a string of other benefits including the fact that there’s no curfew, or extra charges, for driving at night time like some other companies.

Find out more about Adrian Flux’s black box insurance and how it can help you lower your premium by up to 60% for year-long safe driving while improving your driving and confidence at the same time. Call us on 0800 369 8590 or book a callback for a quote.

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