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You might have heard a lot about black boxes from your family and friends. Whilst your friend might complain about

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It was a journey Ayesha Jenkins had already made countless times. The 18-year-old was travelling on the same rural roads she uses regularly when making her way to, and from, her part-time retail job. And this time she was driving even slower than usual. The student had decided to leave work in Hereford early that […]

Speeding remains a serious problem despite attempts to slow all drivers – especially those that have just passed – down. However, Adrian Flux is delighted to confirm that its FluxScore black box insurance offering is having a positive impact on easing the understandable concerns of parents and guardians. Government findings show speeding remains a problem […]

You’ve probably heard that black box insurance is a great way for drivers to reduce car insurance costs, especially if they’re a young or convicted driver facing high premiums. But why should you choose FluxScore over another black box? We think there are a number of good reasons you’d want to choose Adrian Flux’s black […]

Black box insurance is a great way to save money on your insurance, especially if you’re a young and/or new driver or if you’ve got driving convictions. But, how do you fit a telematics device? And can you fit it yourself? We’ll let you know in this blog. What is a telematics device? If you’re […]

When it comes to black box insurance, or telematics, there is a lot of false information about what data they actually collect. From reporting you to the police to having a driving curfew, we break down the urban legends and myths surrounding black boxes. Myth 1: All telematics companies set driving curfews Not all black […]

The first year of being a newly qualified driver can be the most expensive as less experienced drivers are generally more likely to get into an accident than those with experience on the road. Although drivers who have just passed their driving test have learned how to safely drive on the road, they are not […]

How does telematics insurance work and why should you get it? This article will explain how a telematics device, also known as a black box or Smartbox, records data on your driving habits and how your insurance policy provider uses this information to save you money. What is telematics insurance? Telematics insurance is a type […]

A provisional licence not only allows your child to drive with an instructor, but also in any car – that is, as long as there’s the right insurance and supervision in place.

Learner driver insurance from 65p per day

We offer learner driver insurance from just 65p a day, making our policies a cost-effective way for young drivers to get that all-important extra practice behind the wheel.

Adrian Flux has just launched the UK’s only telematics insurance policy to give drivers daily updates of their next renewal premium, based on the quality of their driving, via a handy smartphone app. Aimed primarily at younger drivers, the FluxScore app, available for Android and iOS phones, gives drivers daily updates to show how the […]