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Men v women driving comparison: Why young male drivers warrant ‘night-time boy racer’ tag

Comparisons will always be drawn between the driving habits of men and women.

Ill-informed stereotypes and jokes are also likely to continue to exist when it comes to gender which means it’s important to separate fact from fiction. 

And that’s exactly what Adrian Flux did when it analysed more than 50,000 of its young drivers who travel with the company’s FluxScore black box in their vehicle.

The results were fascinating, especially when it came to driving at night – and how people drove.

Who drives more at night, young men or young women, and who does so more recklessly?

According to our data, it’s safe to assume that men are happier to drive in darkness than women.

The research shows they drive 50% more often between the hours of midnight and 6am than women and 12% more often between 10pm and midnight.

However, there is no real difference with respect to the number of journeys they make per day, or the average length or duration of them. The main commuting hours for both are, understandably, between 7-9am and 4-7pm. 

It’s not good reading for males when it comes to driving recklessly either because they have 60% more speeding events when they are driving between midnight and 6am compared to females. The figure is 22% between 10pm and midnight and shows what time of the day causes the worst behaviour behind the wheel.

What vehicles do new drivers speed in the most?

After looking through more than 60,000 daily journeys*, we delved deeper into what vehicle make and models this speeding occurred in. 

The findings show a male Ford Transit driver is 290% more likely to break the speed limit given the number of recorded incidents compared to how many we would expect to speed based on the number of drivers on FluxScore. The number of miles driven in the vans may affect the figure but it’s a standout one nonetheless.

Male drivers in a Fiat Punto (90%) and Seat Ibiza (84%) are the next most likely offenders while, interestingly, Vauxhall Corsa drivers are better than the average by nearly 10%.

For women, the standout vehicle for speeding is the Ford Ka (123%) while, once again, the Corsa (13%) and the Volkswagen Polo (22%) show significantly fewer speeding events.

Can I get black box insurance with Adrian Flux?

Like almost all insurers, Adrian Flux has a black box policy to help lower the cost of insurance for drivers who have just passed their test.

The company’s self-fitting box tracks journeys by being placed on the inside of a windscreen. They provide daily updates on the FluxScore app which shows how recent journeys can affect a renewal premium.

Not only can it act as a great money-saving tool, the technology rewards safer driving and helps slow young drivers down, reducing the number of those who speed by almost 75%.

Find out more about black box insurance with Adrian Flux and its benefits – including no curfew around driving at night – or to get a free no-obligation quote, call 0800 369 8590. Alternatively, book a callback at a time more suited to you. 

* This analysis is drawn from the ‘just passed’ market which mainly includes drivers who are in their first two years of driving so are predominantly aged 17-19.

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