Two months, two Goodwoods: Alex Brundle talks historic racing

Alex Brundle in action at Goodwood Revival 2020

Since I last wrote I am delighted to have been invited to drive, twice, at the fearsome Goodwood Motor Circuit

As well as swiftly dusting off the tweed to appropriately prepare for a weekend of ‘dress up’ old world glamour at the Revival (September 17-19), I’ll be enjoying a new adventure with my first participation in the Goodwood Members’ Meeting (October 16-17).

The 2021 event will be the 78th Members’ Meeting so I could be considered a bit late but I’m sure they’ll let me off if I’m fast enough, as tends to be the case around there! 

So, two months, two Goodwoods; but my primary thoughts go to the Revival which my activities are well defined for. 

So here is a preview of what I expect to be doing at the great historic event this season.

A mini flying around Goodwood

Alex Brundle will be looking forward to flying a Mini around Goodwood once again.

Alex Brundle on taking on the RAC TT in a Jaguar E-type

It’s hard to believe that this will be my third attempt at the RAC TT, traditionally held on Sunday afternoon. The race is for closed top GT cars (presumably because they look more sporting) in the spirit of the RAC TT races of the mid-1960s. 

My approach will again be in a Jaguar E-type, but quite a special one on this occasion. To take on the V8 machinery might provide an excuse for not yet taking home silverware, but unfortunately in recent years lighter weight cars, which also rely on Jaguar straight-six power, are now coming to the fore. Let’s see what we can do!

This time we do have a historical name on our side as CUT 7 will be the number plate of the Jag I am driving, which is tremendously exciting. It’s important at Goodwood because the car finished a credible sixth in the RAC TT in 1962. This result, or better, must be the target in this most famous of racing Jaguars.

The competition will be as brutal as ever with stars from all over the world of racing finding their feet in various historic machinery with Cobras, TVRs, Bizzarinis and Ferraris our main competition.

Alex Brundle with a car door open while he is sat in the driving seat

Will the door be open for Alex Brundle to enjoy success during his two visits to the popular circuit?

Brundle family entertainment in the Sir John Whitmore Trophy

I’ll also be campaigning a Swiftune Mini for the second year, at the invitation of Giles Page of Page 3 Racing, and Swiftune owner Nick Swift. 

Not just any Mini, but the fabled ‘Willow 1’ the car I raced last year and one of the top racing Minis out there.

This time though a race filled with only Mini Coopers will be the target. The Sir John Whitmore Trophy on Saturday afternoon will be very much a ‘sports car race for touring cars’. I’ll be sharing with the boss, Giles, and trying to remember how to speak front-wheel drive. 

The Mini chassis is a quite incredible beast, the level of grip versus the power it produces is quite astounding especially when produced and fettled by Swiftune. The car boasts a light and responsive ‘dog’ gear box, (yes, you read correctly) and travels at well over 120mph when on a flying lap of Goodwood. 

They also have the aerodynamics of a lego brick, so towing is critical which should lead to fantastic racing. In terms of handling a Mini that turns on a dime piece might be considered benign, in its handling characteristic. You really do have to ‘think it in’ to the corners, just look and it will go. 

They are an acquired taste but in just a few laps I had acquired it! It’s incredibly fun and punchy racing. We’ll be hoping to tow our way into the top ranks of a field which is full of touring car and sports car stars.

I’ll also be taking on my father in a very similar car for a little Brundle family entertainment.

The outside of a mini with the helmet on the top

The car Nick Swift and Alex Brundle will be racing, again, at Goodwood’s flagship events.

Playing cricket and hoping not to be stumped in the Jaguar E-type

Last year my heart broke on the pit wall as our beautiful E-type roadster was out of the Stirling Moss Trophy race for GT racing cars of pre-1963. 

I managed to put our white beauty on pole of the event but unfortunately an entanglement with traffic for my co-driver in the mid-race caused us to lose what might have been a good result. 

But we are back and Gary Pearson has made every effort to take the old lady back to her pole setting and potentially race-winning self. He has again been kind enough to invite me to drive and given me a ‘plus one’ which I have extended to my dad for what should be a great race. 

Again competition should be fierce, we’ll be taking on Jenson Button in a very similar car alongside a variety of cars and a list of ‘megas’ shortly to be released.

This race will be the first race of proceedings and is very much our opportunity for a victory over the Revival weekend. Full focus on preparing our ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ to take home the spoils.

Three cars, an incredible event and a casual cricket match participation on Thursday characterise the event invitation of me. Next on my agenda is updating my whites and hoping Tiff Needell’s bowling pre-event doesn’t get too ‘bodyline series’ to prevent me participating in Friday qualifying.

It’s an incredible event to watch trackside, via the ITV round-up shows or through the multitude of live streams. I’ll also be keeping my social media following informed on how we get on. 

Do join us if you can!

Alex Brundle in action at Goodwood Revival 2020

A cool photo from Goodwood Revival 2020 of the Jaguar E-type.

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