Behind the scenes in Portimao with Team BRIT

Go behind the scenes with Team BRIT as they practice at one of Europe’s most famous circuits, Portugal’s iconic Portimao. 

Portimao is known for hosting some of the world’s biggest motorsport events such as Formula 1, which makes it a perfect proving ground for Team BRIT’s drivers to test their skills and for the team to evaluate their new engineers.

Mike Scudamore, Commercial Director for Team BRIT believed Portimao was the perfect place for their drivers to get some laps in before their racing season starts: “The reason we’re here is because can you image in February in at Silverstone, it’s a bit greasy, you don’t want to put your brand new supercar out on the track and end up with it crashing into a wall after one lap.”  

Scudamore explains: “Coming here we can have interrupted dry running. I think last year we managed 1,600km of testing which is so valuable for the guys (both drivers and engineers) to learn the car and learn how the tyres work without the interruption of rain or cold temperatures.”

JJ Spencer, the team’s Chief Mechanic, wholly agrees: “It’s a combination of things, we’re trying to get data on these cars. The more data we can retrieve, the better we can forecast the set up, getting drivers used to the cars, it’s James (Whitley) and Chris’ (Overend) first time in this car, so it’s good to give them plenty of time to get in and get to grips with it before we start the racing season”. 

Who are Team BRIT?

Team BRIT are the UK’s first and only team with an all-disabled driver line up. Launched in 2015 with just one car and two drivers, the team have come a long way since then and now compete in four championships, providing opportunities for ten disabled racing drivers, in some of the UK’s most prestigious series including the British GT Championship.

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