Building and racing a 1964 Ford GT40 Le Mans replica at Spa 6 Hours with Alex Brundle

Ford GT40

Join Alex Brundle as he along with a group of engineers from Pearson Engineering create a replica of the 1964 Le Mans 24 hours Ford GT40, before racing it at the historic Spa 6 hours race. Watch the full documentary as the team overcome several obstacles to make the chassis race ready, before Alex and co-driver Harrison Newey compete at the iconic event.

The history of the Ford GT40 

The Ford GT40 is one of motorsport’s most iconic racing cars. While many know the Carroll Shelby story in its full glory, thanks to the chronicled Hollywood blockbuster Ford vs Ferrari starring Christian Bale, Matt Damon and Jon Bernthal. But there is a story that happens before all of that involving the iconic GT40. The struggle to get the car off the ground and the difficulty to make it and to make the GT40 work.

By 1963 mid-engine Formula 1 cars were taking the world by storm and there were many engineers thinking they might be able to apply the same approach to sports car racing. There was a new prototype sports car under 100 units in a 12 month period using a Ford engine, but it wasn’t the GT40. It was the Lola Mark 6 which was designed and produced by Eric Broadley. He was involved in the early design and conception of the Ford GT, which is why the GT borrows so much of its technology from Lola Mark 6’s chassis. 

The Ford GT40 replica build process

Starting with just a chassis, Alex and the team had a long journey in front of them to build a replica of the Ford GT40. They look at the difficulty Ford had in creating this iconic vehicle which went on to a famous Le Mans victory in 1966, leading to an era of dominance for the American manufacturer in France. 

The team took several months and hundreds of hours to assemble the car and try to match the iconic specifications of the GT40, including the innovative brake disc system, which gave them the upper-hand mid race in Le Mans against Ferrari.  

It wasn’t just the brakes that sparked their famous victory at Le Mans. The 427 big block engine was just as key. The engine was never designed to race at the famous French circuit, it was originally developed for NASCAR. The engine was absolutely enormous both in size and the torque it produced, four times the torque production of a modern day Ford Fiesta and 475 brake horsepower.     

Competing at Spa 6 Hours

After the car was finished Alex along with Harrison relived the race experience by taking their shiny new exquisite replica to the 6 Hours of Spa Historic, the longest classic race event on the current classic racing calendar, to try to add one more win to the GT40 with their very own racing build.  

The Spa 6 Hours circuit is one the most challenging, longest and one of the most undulating in the world, located just under an hour outside Liege. It’s a drivers dream with 19 very challenging corners that really test even the most experienced of drivers.   

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