The Fastest Adrian Flux Logo Ever

The Fastest Ever Adrian Flux logo

The Autodromo Nationale Monza in Italy is legendary in motor racing. Long straights and fast corners combine to give the highest average speed of any track on the current F1 calendar. Built in 1922, it’s a truly enchanting location for motorsport which oozes history and heritage almost 100 years later.

Now tamed by chicanes, racing drivers in all kinds of vehicles still regularly hit speeds in excess of 250km/h (155mph) along its straights – often whilst battling wheel to wheel.

Callum Ilott, the 19 year old racing driver sponsored by Adrian Flux, raced his way around the famous track in Formula One’s feeder series, GP3, over the F1 race weekend of 31st August – 2nd September 2018. Weather conditions were mixed with a session on Friday cancelled due to the dangerous rain-soaked tarmac. Despite this, Ilott shone, and during the weekend his GP3 car reached over 300km/h (186mph) on his way to a pair of podium finishes.

Ilott was subsequently excluded from the second race due to a breach of technical regulations, but the race one podium stood intact and showed how talented the young Brit is behind the wheel. Despite being awarded zero points for that second race, Ilott still sits on 147 points in the GP3 championship, enough to sit equal-second place at this stage in the championship.

This feat got us wondering – has an Adrian Flux logo ever hit 300km/h before – or is Ilott the holder of a fairly unusual record?

Although Adrian Flux has sponsored many racing vehicles, from Touring Cars and GT racers to methanol-fuelled dragsters, none will have topped the ‘magic 300’.

Gergo Toth Photography

The Adrian Flux-backed Daddy Cool drag car, for example, raced to almost 250km/h in just 8 seconds, but then it would then reach the end of its quarter-mile dragstrip.

The BTCC and GT racers simply don’t have tracks with the necessary straights to reach much over 225km/h, either.

Speedway bikes can accelerate extremely well, but don’t ever get near the four-wheeled competitors’ speeds due to the nature of Speedway circuits.

Track and road-race motorcycles – including Norton’s Isle of Man TT racers – bear the Bikesure logo of Adrian Flux’s motorcycle arm, not the Adrian Flux logo.

As things stand, then, no other vehicle adorned with the Adrian Flux logo can compete with the GP3 car.

So well done to Callum Ilott, who has piloted an Adrian Flux logo faster than any person ever before.

Grazie Mille!

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