The checklist everyone needs before a track day

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Track days are usually early starts. Many want you at the circuit by 7am.

So rather than rushing around at the crack of dawn, it’s definitely best to get your gear ready a few days before. Especially if you have to travel to get there.

We’ve sorted a checklist for you whether you’re driving a car or on your motorbike. This should cover the key items you need to remember.

Double check all your Track Day documents, particularly the itinerary.
Track day schedules are very similar, but can also vary slightly at each track. So scan the website, go through your emails and read any documentation. Print everything as well.

Make sure you know where you’re going, what time you need to be there, and if you need to take anything in particular with you.

Make sure you have the right Track Day Insurance.
While some motor insurance policies will cover you for track days, it’s always good to double check your own. Some drivers or motorcyclists prefer to take out standalone Track Day Insurance so they’re definitely covered if anything happens.

Take a copy of the policy with you.

Take your driving licence / motorcycle licence.
The organisers will need to see your driving licence or motorcycle licence when you check in. Don’t forget it. If you do, it’s likely you won’t be allowed on the track.

Get your gear together.
Pack a holdall with your all your gear and a change of clothes. A set of waterproofs is also practical if the weather is looking wet and miserable.

  • Motorcyclists will need: boots, gloves, leathers, back protector, helmet and a spare visor.
  • Drivers will need: a driving suit, helmet, gloves, boots.

Again, read through your documentation because some of these items may be available as part of the track day.

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Pack spare parts, motoring maintenance products and a toolkit.
Take along a few key bits and pieces in a basic toolbox.

If you’re unlucky enough to have a slight hiccup, having some backup parts means you may be able to resume driving on the track. So burning through a brake pad or snapping the clutch lever won’t be the end of your Track Day experience.

It’s a good idea to have some products such as screenwash, oil and fuel to hand. Spare rags and funnels are also handy if you do need to carry out any basic maintenance.

Also take along sockets, spanners, flat and cross head, screwdrivers, pliers, tie-wraps, wire, duct tape and a tyre pressure gauge and / or pump.

If you’re missing something, don’t worry. Someone will be able to help you out on the day.

Take along some food and refreshments.
Catering is usually available on track days – but many riders or drivers like to take snacks and refreshments along with them. Light but high energy foods are best as digesting a heavy meal will affect your performance on the track.

So healthy pastas and salads for lunch are best while snacking on fruit and cereal bars. Also drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid getting dehydrated – especially if the weather’s warm.

Make sure you’re taking the right car or bike.
Sounds ridiculous. But believe it not, it has been known for drivers and riders to show up on track days without the right vehicle or bike with them. Others have forgotten their keys.

If your car is loud, also check whether it’s within the allowed limit. Different tracks have different limits – so check the noise levels from the exhaust with a decibel metre.

Be sure to enjoy your experience fully – and try not to forget any of the essentials that could ruin the day.

Is there anything missing from this checklist? Let us know in the comments.

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