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Top Ten Cars for Teens – Cheapest Young Driver Insurance

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June 19, 2007
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Updated 2016 with latest prices

Adrian Flux investigates the best cars for new drivers

There’s no getting away from it: Car insurance for 17 year olds is expensive. The simple fact is the youngest drivers on our roads are statistically more dangerous, owing to their understandable lack of experience behind the wheel.

This guide is aimed at 17-year-olds who have just passed their test, but includes tips about the cheapest cars to insure that will be relevant to any young motorists.

If you are a young driver trying to get on the road, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are some things you can do to help yourself:

  • Take an advanced driving course, like PassPlus, Btec Level 2, IAM, or RoSPA. By getting extra skills and experience, you’ll be making yourself a safer driver and young drivers can often save much more than the cost of the course on their first insurance premium.
  • Make your policy work for you. Take a limited mileage policy if you can commit to driving less than, say 1500, 3,000 or 5,000 miles a year. Another money-saving method is installing a black box into your car, which will measure your mileage and reduce your premium.
  • Joining a car owners club can drop your premium by up to 15%.
  • Keeping your car in a safe place, for example the garage or driveway, and improving security features, such as fitting an alarm, will decrease the risk of theft and keep costs down.
  • Add a parent with driving experience onto the policy to further reduce your premium.

So far, so good, but there are some factors you can’t, or are unlikely to change. You can’t make yourself any older, and you probably don’t want to move house just to get cheaper car insurance. So that leaves the car that you choose as the main factor in determining the price you will pay.

The best cars for young drivers

So what is the most affordable car to insure? We did some research into cheap first cars and the result may surprise you.

The top 4 low insurance cars are:

  • Saab 96 V4
  • VW Beetle 1200
  • Morris 1100 DL
  • Landrover 88

The cheapest cars to insure, for a teenage driver, are the classic motors. They may not have Bluetooth, automatic lights or even electric windows, but they do have a lot of character. At Adrian Flux we say the older the better when it comes to affordable insurance for young drivers!

However our research into the cheapest cars for young drivers isn’t just a list of bangers, with respectable modern motors like the Citroen C1, Peugeot 107 and Toyota Aygo doing well for affordable insurance premiums.

Below is the list of cheap cars to insure. You’ll notice that almost all of them are low powered 1 litre engines – if you go for a more powerful car too soon, your premium will accelerate faster than your car, so watch out. All the quotes below are based on recent real client applications for:

  • A 17 year-old driver with a full driving license studying a white-collar subject (for example business) with a part-time sales assistant job
  • Zero no claims bonus, claim and conviction free
  • Social, Domestic, Pleasure and Commuting use
  • Limited mileage policy of 5,000 miles per annum
  • Car parked on the drive in a low risk area
Vehicle ValueEngine sizeCompExcess
Citroen C1 Code£2,500998 cc£1,223£500
Citroen C1 Rhythm £2,000998 cc£1,205£500
Citroen C1 VTR£4,000998 cc£1,215£500
Fiat 500C Lounge£5,0001242 cc£1,215£500
Fiat Punto (Grande)£1,5001242 cc£1,205£500
Ford KA Zetec Climate£1,0001297 cc£1,100£500
Hotchkiss N201£16,0002220 cc£1,115£700
Kia Picanto Zapp!    £1,500999 cc£1.205£500
Landrover 88         £8,0002286 cc£1,017£450
Morris 1100 DL          £2,5001098 cc£1.015£450
Peugeot 107 Urban£1,100998 cc£1,205£500
Renault Clio Dynamique £5001149 cc£1,223£450
Rover Mini Premier£2,9991000 cc£1,260£450
Saab 96 V4£3,5001498 cc£778£450
Seat Arosa S 8V£700999 cc£1,223£450
Suzuki Alto SZ3 £2,999996 cc£1,223£500
Toyota Aygo Black£2,400998 cc£1,115£500
Toyota IQ£4,500998 cc£1,223£500
Toyota Yaris TR VVT-1£4,000998 cc£1,223£500
Triumph 2000£2,0001998 cc£1,051£450
Vauxhall Corsa Design£1,4001229 cc£1,205£500
Vauxhall Viva De Luxe£3,0001159 cc£1,019£450
VW Beetle 1200£2,5001192 cc£860£450
VW Polo E (60)£2,6001198 cc£1,205£500

If you’re looking for cheap car insurance for young drivers, look no further than Adrian Flux. We have specialist policies for new drivers, and can offer cheaper rates on the phone. Give us a call on 0330 123 1232 or request a callback from our advisors.

  • flanok

    >The problem is, it is just not trendy for a young driver to drive a car like this, ecept maybe for some girls. the other worry is realibilty. My sons girlfried bought an old mini and sprayed it pink, though it was cool. but it breaks down at the worst times and now the parents do not like her even using it. There is something about having a modern relaible car, knowing that your children will get home.


    Car Breakown

  • Anonymous

    >when i got my first car vauxhall astra 1.6 sport it was as cheap as the vw bettle

  • Anonymous

    >You say that, but surely it’s a lot more respectable for a teenager to drive an individual classic than a dull hatchback. I generate a lot more interest in my Austin A30 than when I was driving a Vauxhall Zafira, I’m 19 and the ladies love my car! As for reliability, if you’re not a mechanically minded person, just ensure that you buy a well looked after, decent condition model. Many classics are still much less expensive to buy in top condition than equivalent hatches and from my experience, I’ve been stranded at the roadside a lot less than my friends in Rover 200s, Vauxhall Novas and Peugeot 106s, and I know that if I ever did, it would cost about 90% to remedy than with a more modern ‘computer’ run machine. Personally I think classic cars are a much more sensible option for younger drivers, if only for the habitually reduced performance and the more ‘connected’ driving experience, leading to much safer and more aware drivers than the hoards of 30-something year old ‘drivers’ who struggle to control even a ford focus in the wet.

  • Anonymous

    >Daewoo Matiz!! Why is that not on the list?!
    I bought one as my first car after a LOT of research and my insurance was just £660!! It#s very economical, spacious inside and a great, reliable car. Definitely recommended!

  • Teeneagers

    >One way to get cheap car insurance for your teen is to add him or her onto your existing car insurance policy. This may raise your car insurance premium a bit, but the increase in premium will still be cheaper than a separate car insurance policy for your teen.

  • Dave Wilson

    >@ teeneagers – cheaper it may be, but it is illegal to misrepresent the risk to your insurer. Putting a teenager on a parent’s or relative’s insurance when the youngster is in fact the main driver is known as fronting, and it’s not only illegal – it could leave you without cover in the event of a claim. Read my post on why it is a bad idea to put your car insurance policy in mum’s name, and with it 10 tips on getting cheaper car insurance for young drivers.

  • Anonymous

    >My daughter wants lessons what would be the best thing to do while she is learning.
    I have a peugoet 306 but adding her to my current insurance would add £1100. Should I change my car even though its old but reliable? or buy another so have more tax ect.I have 7 other children who will want to learn eventually.

    I would be the main driver while shess’s learning.

  • James

    >I’m looking for my first insurance policy at the moment for a Peugeot 106 at the age of 17. I am having great difficulty finding anything below £3000 and am wondering how on earth people are managing to get it sub-£1000. What insurance company would be recommended? Cheers

  • jonnyk

    >Up until I found your site, the cheapest insurance possible on any car whatsoever was £2300. (17 year old male, newly qualified, medium/high risk area).

    I then out through a quote for me with a provisional license and came out at £900! I double checked and the company said that once I passed my test, the policy would remain valid and my premium wouldn’t change until my next renewal.
    Furthermore, I would get a no clsims bonus, knocking 40% off the £2300 premium.

    It seems that provisionals must be lower risk. Firstly because a 21 year old must be present (usually parent – so no showing off to the ladies!)and secondly, milage will be low.

    Anyway, I passed my test first time shortly after discovering this so unfortunatly never got a change to benefit.

    Just a thought though!

  • Anonymous

    >i am 19 yr old lad and was lookin at insurin a nice motor under 2000 on r old mans insurance and strugled 2 find a decant motor 2 insure 4 that price so a had a look at a 54 plate transit van swb and that was 1777 and a small combo van 1450 and that waz for insurance on my own so y dun every 1 drive a van instead more cheaper and economical

  • jack

    >what insurance company was this??

  • Anonymous

    >i got cheaper than almost all of them and i was 17 driving a bmw 316i

    • Matt coster


  • sparky

    >im 18 jus past test and cant get insurance quotes any less than £3000, any help!!!!

  • Anonymous

    >Im a 19 year old female, and i passed my test almost 3 months ago. for me to insure a Peugeot 306 1.4l engine it costs me about 1300… its just a case of looking round for the best deals. i used gocompare but the deals actually change when you contact the insurance company, unfortunately they tend to go up! 🙁

  • Anonymous

    >found insurance for £406 for a fiat punto 1.2 for an 18 year old and she hasn't passed her test yet. The car is a 2005 and we insured her through GO COMPARE comparison website. A friend has also bought a mini 1.6 for her 17 year old and again the person hasn't passed her test, insurance £1400.

  • Dave Wilson

    >Watch out though, because some companies will give low quotes to provisional license holders, but when you call them to tell them you've passed, you get a nasty surprise.

    Top tip – on the comparison site get an identical quote but tell them you have already passed. Then you'll see how things might change.

  • Declan

    >17 Year old Male – What insurance company did you get these quotes from? I used Go Compare for a 1.1 Peugeot 106 Zest2 and the lowest quote was £2,435.

  • Anonymous

    >i just made a quote on the renault 5 and it charged more then a landrover

  • scrap model

    >these cars are for 17 year olds? i think there for more older people!

  • Anonymous

    >My first car was a 1.8 astra coupe it cost around £2000 to insure but it was worth it, all to cars on that list bar the 205 are rubbish, slow and look crap, people need to get some style.

  • Ahem. The quotes are from Adrian Flux. Click one of the quote buttons and someone will sort you a tailored quote?

  • Mos_a

    how much would a Honda civic 1.4i cost to insure and what about other cars that are slightly more high powered or look bigger but the cost is lets say below £1800 a year?

    • We aren’t able to provide quotes for any given car – there are just too many to list, and in any case the price will depend a lot, as we’ve mentioned above, on other factors.

      A bigger engine and a bigger car will usually mean a bigger premium, though.

  • K2

    My first car was a 2003 Honda Civic Type R, i was paying 60 pounds a month at 17 i was a named driver on my moms insurance. It was the best car ever i loved it 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Im a 17 year old girl who is turning 18 in may. I passed my test in january and have done a pass plus. Does anyone know whats the cheaptest car to buy and insure at my age 🙁

    • The above list should give you some idea of some of the cheaper cars to insure.

  • Joegodden

    In that table it shows you can insure a vauxhall corsa for £1500!?? all i need to know is what insurance company, what engine and was it mrk1,2 or 3? Plz help

    • For the quotes supplied it would be either a Corsa C or a Corsa D, worth around £5,000 as stated above.

  • Gggh

    I got a 2.5 TD5 land rover for my first car, its still with me now, insurance is near on nothing due to being on a fleet insurance policy, which also covers me on 12 cars. Has to be the way to insure my self on big cars, until im a bit older! 

  • Jayjay

    why are expensive cars to buy more cheaper to ensure than cheap cars to buy?

    • Partly because people take better care of them. Partly because the are generally safer and more likely to be mechanically sound.

  • Beetlenut

    I’m 18 with 1 years No Claims and I was just wondering how much it would cost to insure a classic VW Beetle. I saw the date of this post and just wondered of anything changed. Thanks

    • Prices have continued to rise, but classic Beetle insurance can still represent (comparatively) good value.

    • Ben Brannigan

      guessing your interested in classics then, so why not have a look at a Citroen 2cv or dyane. A litlle while earlier today, I researched these cars and even with no no-claims, it was as little as £1066 for a male driver, so why not go on price comparison sites and consider other classic alternatives which are all similar, for fully comp insurance add as little as an extra £100-200. these prices are also unnegotiated, so premiums could be reduced over the phone

  • Without full details, it is impossible to say. There will be a bit of a difference, but all other things being equal, not a huge one.

  • All of these quotes were supplied by Adrian Flux

  • Puddyholly

    I think that drivers under the age of say 25 should be limited to 1ltr engine size orn until they have had  say 1 year driving then it can gon up to say 1.4 2 yrs 1.6 3 years 1.8 and above after this

    • They did try that in France in the eighties. The result was the Renault 5 Turbo 🙂

    • BB

      Okay, in theory this seems correct, however a friend had asked me if one would like to buy his 1970’s  land-rover 109 station wagon, this therefore appealed to ones self, so one did a little research on insurance cost with no NCB for a 17 yr old male, and surprisingly even though it has 2286cc/2.3ltr engine it was only £1100 and the car was also cheap at around £1500. meaning that it was a great deal that one believes is to be pursued by one’s self. also, being a twin one had investigated the result of putting me (male) on my female twins insurance as an additional driver, and this resulted in £900 in total, which could then be shared between us, and one would also receive NCB.

      • Nsprason

        Please tell me who offered to insure you on a vehicle over 2 litres ? Would love to know for the sake of my son who also wants a LR 110 or 90

    • dave

      why should they be i am 17 and i drive a 2.5 1995 Land rover discovery the end of the day is get what you can afford and not the stupid idea you’re suggesting 

      • :3

        okay, so im 16 and 17 in october, i was told by my mum, who only just recently passed her test, that new drivers could only have a max 2litre car anyway :s cos its causing problems with me, i need a car thats gunna be able to get a kayak on it or even in it as well as my climbing and sailling gear, i do agree with the limit for the younger driver though, but how can you restrict it to just under 25s? my mums 39 and still puts her foot down when she wants to :s

      • Nsprason

        Brill – I can’t get my 17year old insured on a discovery – Who insures you please ?

    • Layton

      i agree

    • Brtishstandard66

      Why though? shouldn’t they be allowed them? after all they have just had the most recent training, unlike someone who is older and has forgotten some things or just doesn’t pay as much attention to detail 

      • zippy

        when you finish your driving test it’s like having a degree. a document that says that you qualify to begin doing something. in reality you have no clue because you never actually did it and cant function in the real world. so young drivers( not nessarily young people) arnt drivers they can now learn and too much power can be dangerous. why not learn to drive on a racing circuit?
        at the same time, not all people are the same.

      • Robinson

        Because old people dont like kids lunging the hell out of them

        • AidanHalliwell

          I agree with the said post above young just passed drivers have just had fresh training and are ALOT more aware and nervous on the road than the older drivers some older drivers never even did a hazard perception test or even a theory test my dad didnt even have driving lessons and passed first time back when he was a kid now how ca tey insure that generation lower than the generation that have had full and VERY expensive training ???

          • Because the older drivers have experience. Experience can be considered as a kind of extended training. A lot of driving instructors will tell you that you really start learning *after* you pass your test. It’s the little mistakes, accidents and near misses that help to make you a better driver over time.

          • dan

            if that’s the case why the hell have us 17 year old new drivers got to go through all this training and pay £20+ per lesson if we don’t start learning till after we have passed our tests!?!?!???????? :@

          • There is a difference between learning how to operate a car, and becoming a good driver.

    • Aleks

      i think you should say that because u never know the goverment might listen, i love motorcycles and need a car for the winter, but the goverment inforced a law similar that ur preposing for cars on motorcycles, and it doesnt give you any more experience it jsut causes a hell of a problem with a underpowerd vechicle on long distances and also buying a selling new bikes as you progress doesnt come cheap, they should just show teenage drivers what happens when u drive like an idiot and make the tests more extreme, for example you have to get around a race track in a surten period of time, if you can you pass, i think if a driver can race on a race track he can hanlde a safe trip to the shops dont you?

  • Kieran Abadie

    I am definitely getting an Austin Mini but where the hell did they get that quote 😮 anybody know? thanks 

  • khanage

    which company offers the quotations in the chart above? I am 18, and have held a licence for over a year? 

    • All of the quotes are from Adrian Flux, and are valid at the date stated in the post.

  • Justin

    Should I consider a Maserati Granturismo or a Porsche Panamera?

  • As a teenager in the 80`s I got my two grand Golf Gti 1800 insured for it £97. Thrashed that mother to death and it still purred away. Oooh those were the days!

  • Sas

     i think there for more older people!


    Just got my 17 year lad a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport& no one will insure it ?????what is this country coming too !

    • Paulnmcdonald

      funnily enough i bought my missus a new jaguar she left it in the garage overnight …next morning it bit her legs off……

    • Fab

      That is ridiculous, you want your son to kill himself? Isn’t it obvious why he cant get insured on it…

      • andyhmltn

        Isn’t it obvious he is being sarcastic?

  • shakes

    Is the quote for any 1000cc Peugeot 106? as i was looking at a key largo and wondered if it would be the same?

    • Any difference should be relatively small, but it won’t necessarily be identical and will depend to some extent on the equipment fitted.

  • Pape460

    I won’t a 1997 polo 1.0 and was just wondering how much it would be to insure as I’m 17?

    • You would need to call for a personal quote. The number is 08000 83 88 33

  • A very angry 17 year old

    LOL corsa insurance not £1500 more like £8000 that you just quoted me!!! How can someone physically expect to buy a corsa for like £200 an pay £8000 insurance, surely I should just spend £8000 on a car an will probs get insurance for £200!!!

    • You won’t get insurance for £200, but a more expensive, newer car will usually result in a lower premium – as stated in the article a car of around £5,000 in value will tend to have a lower premium than a cheap banger.

      I would suggest that perhaps someone would take more care driving a £5,000 car than they would driving one which cost just 4% of that.

      • Gareth

        Where does that cut off though, David? I passed my test in March, I brought a 1.4L Corsa SXI for £2,000 and insured it for £4,300. The Corsa is a ’53 plate and in mint condition. Assuming that your logic is correct, I should be able to insure my BMW 1 Series Coupe for less just based on the fact that it’s worth £20,000 more and I have no intentions of driving it like an idiot. This doesnt seem to be the case though, insurance companies aren’t even considering insuring my BMW but happily insured, what I consider to be, the higher risk car.

        • There is a balance. Once the value increases past a certain point any damage to your own car is more likely to result in a claim that the insurer has to meet. Simplifying a bit, with a moderate or low-value car minor bumps and shunts won’t result in a payout for the insurer as the excess and the effect of a fault claim on the next year’s premium will mean it makes more sense for the customer to arrange repairs themselves.

          The sweet spot for car value is usually around £5,000 or £6,000 but it will vary quite a lot from car to car. Basically the insurers like cars that you’ll look after, but which you’ll be likely to repair yourself if something happens.

    • Joshford94

      i got quated 570 a month for my 1.0 corsa i only bought it for 500

  • jay

    i got quoted by 3 or 4 insurance companies £3000-£7000 on a 1litre 02 corsa comfort which is worth around £500 my premiums where about £400-£600 a month it is rediculous i could get a house for that amount of money a month

    • Macaela89

       i totally agree with all the comments about insurance for young drivers, i myself work as an insurance broker and it is just ridiculous the prices ive seen for male & female drivers, its no wonder most are now taking out insurance in their folks names and going on as named drivers,, ive been to many conferences regarding this and maintained all along instead of charging huge premiums, they should charge 1 flat rate for males and female 17-25year olds (within sensible limits of course), with a view that if they have accidents or convictions their insurance premiums are increased accordingly and those who dont, get reduced premiums year on year, surely this is the fairest way to give young drivers a chance to actually drive when they pass their tests??

      • So you are suggesting a non-underwritten compulsory product. That sounds like a tax, and it is still going to be pretty steep.

        Young drivers already get reduced premiums year on year if they don’t crash, via no claims bonus, and by virtue of becoming more experienced.

        The net effect of this would be zero, as the same claims will still have to be paid for out of the combined premium. All your suggestion would do is push up prices for statistically safer drivers and reduce them a bit for the most dangerous. How is that fair?

        • Rob

          Yeah i don’t agree, i passed my test at 17, at 22 now have 5 years no claims and insure my 1.6 clio for less than £600 a year. It’s the same as it is with everything, start from the bottom and work your way up. Prove you’re good enough to get cheaper premiums.

      • Alex

        Absolutely right! I’m going to start driving in April and these figures make no sense whatsoever! It makes me feel like I shouldn’t bother!

  • Marvin

    I want to cry. I bought my Volvo last March, when I was 22 and now I’ve turned 23. My quote for the year ‘then’ was £1350. Seen as I was commuting to work and back via bus, I thought I’d leave it till I’ve turned 23 for which I tested the quote system and it said £790. I just got a requote 11 months on, today…. £2200!!

    I might just sell the car and call it a loss. I find it rediculous to pay that kind of money for a car insurance esspecially if it won’t even cover  3, tops 4,000 miles a year.

    After crunching some numbers, with the £2200 quote + sale of car + yearly fuel bill rounded up into one lump sum I’ll be looking at around £7,000!+

    That’s £20 a day for taxis! Makes more sense to be chauffeured around by the looks of things.

  • Remi

    I passed my test 3 months after my 17th birthday taking lessons nearly ever day for an hour or 2 and my fist car was a 2.7 jaguar xf. Insurance only costs me £5000 which is good considering I have three points and its powerful car.

    • Ranting 17 year old

      I am 17 and passed my driving test Feb 2012 🙂 I have got a skoda fabia 06 which is worth £2000 and I tried to insure third party fire and theft the cheapest quote I got was £4.500 which was about £450 per month, I can rent a house for that, the most expensive quote I got was from one call insurance (AKA: one call heart attack) which was a staggering £49,029.35 paying annual, paying monthly it was 1x £9,395.81 and 11x £4.492.87 which works out to be £58,817.38 which is not good considering I do not have any points on my licence and its not a powerful car. There needs to be a change in the way insurance is being done as I do not think my E.M.A (education maintenance allowance) is going to cover that. how do they expect people to pay these ridiculous prices!!!! oh and I tried a old corsa the car makes no difference insurance is just sexiest and ageist, no wonder so many people are driving without any insurance, which in turn is making law abiding citizens insurance go up, also people claiming for so called “whip lash” when they haven’t actually got whip lash is making premiums go up too, need to find a way of testing for real whip lash rather than handing out compensation to any tom, dick and harry. I was better off driving on provisional licence with someone supervising me for £80 a month that way I could actually drive my car.  🙁 oh and another thing insurance premiums are going up 44p per day. looks like only football players and pop stars will be driving soon 😀

      • guest

        get a mini before the made before the year 2000 and it is £1000 third party and £1200 for fully com. doesn’t matter on what model. i’m 17 and i live in northern ireland the dearest place in Europe to get insurance 

        • hls

          hi who you insuring with because i was looking at a mini and if its only a grand maybe I can warrant spending abit more on it. Thanks

  • Ross

    what i dont understand is how someone of the exact same age, same details, maybe bar day of birth and same car, get such a different quote? Like the only difference is the location we live in and the difference is im getting quotes of £7000 whereas they are getting quotes of 2500 how is this possible?

    • Postcode is certainly a very important factor in any car insurance quotes, some areas have very high levels of claims, and the quotes will reflect this. Saying that, however, it is unlikely that your details are identical in every respect – insurers look at a very large number of factors before coming to a decision and these can add up into a large price difference.

      • Fatyowls

        You must work in the insurance industry as all you comments just do suck up to keeping the well over inflamed price of insurance!

    • Fab

      Because your postcode changes the price of your insurance. If you live in a city with a postcode like SY1 it will be more expensive than if you live in the country with a postcode like SY12, you’re at more risk of crashing in built up, busy areas.

  • Chassis

    I’m not sure what alarms me most – the price of car insurance or the shockingly poor levels of grammar and spelling exhibited by the posters on this forum.

    • A teenagers paying father…

      I agree. Insurance companies should offer discounts for good grades. Surely a hard working student would be a safer bet than a tossed out street scally in his kitted up 106.

      • ..

        not allways i know someone who got almost all B,s and A,s on there grades yet thay cant drive for toffee and have had 3x the amount of accidents as my mate whos grades almost spell “fudge “

  • Jack

    Where is the cheapest insurance for a 1973 Classic beetle considering im 17?

    • Your rate will depend on your circumstances, but you should always shop around. There are several Beetle specialists out there, but not all of them cover 17 year olds. Obviously we are biased a bit, but you should definitely get a quote from us, call 0800 369 8590.

  • Ryan (17 Years of age)

    is the prices of insurance above correct with adrianflux because i am thinking about to get one of the cars above to lower the insurance ??? i am 17

    • Insurance prices are calculated individually, these prices are correct for the example circumstances and dates mentioned above. To get a quote call 0800 369 8590.

  • MM

    This Is Stupid, Crazy Badboy’ Wanabe’s Give Bad Names’ To Young Drivers’ Causing Accidents On The Streets” :/ 

  • Fedupofbeingrippedoff

    I keep hearing it said that 17 year olds pay more for insurance as they don’t have much driving experience. My next door neighbour also had no driving experience until she passed her driving test last month and she is 47, her insurance is less than £700 for a 1.6 engine car. My 17 year old son passed his test in Jan and can’t get insured for less than £4000. How is this fair?

    • I would humbly suggest that the driving habits of a typical 47-year-old are rather different to those of a typical teenager. Insurance rates are based on statistics, and, new driver or not, older drivers are statistically much less likely to have an accident or claim.

      • Tom

        it’s a bit unfair not all teenage drivers are going to race around like everyone thinks they will this is unfair and stereo typical.

  • Shannanellouise

    Stressing out. !
    Iv just passed my test I’m 17 and all the quotes I’m getting are like 4000 pound Pfttt I don’t think so ! I live in a country side so someone explain what the hell that’s about I’m working full time and still can’t afford my car (Renault Clio 1.2) as if ! They would make a hell of a lot more money if they lowered the insurance because then a lot more people would drive this is just rediculous hope them prices above are real !!!!

    • Sammy G

      4000! thats bang out. Not really understanding why it is that much when my step bro got insured on his 1.2 clio for 1600? 

    • Angel666

      Hi I’ve got quoted 1250 per year for a Clio 1.4 🙂 and I new driver 26

      • tobyg795

        your insurance goes down when your 18 , 20 and again at 25 , so your insurance will be cheaer than that of a 17 year old

  • matt2042

    Annoys me how all youngsters get stereotyped as likely to have accidents.. We’re not all the same! And it also annoys me that females get lower quotes? It just doesn’t seem fair..

    • Insurance prices are based on statistics – the high prices reflect increased risk to the insurer, as the ‘stereotype,’ as you call it, that young drivers are more likely to have accidents, happens to be true. As such, the prices are fair, in the sense that they reflect the risk of a claim, whether they seem so, or not.

      That is not to say that high prices for young drivers are desirable, and we should certainly be looking for ways to help young drivers achieve insurance cover at a reasonable price, whether through education, such as the Any Driver BTEC, on-board monitoring, via telematics or camera, or indeed through structural changes to the way that legislation governing how young drivers get onto and use the roads.

      • Andy Stuart

        David, the insurance companies are making a huge profit from Teenage drivers, yes statistically they are more likely to have an accident, but how many are going to right off a car between 2 and 4 times a year?
        That is what the cost of cover above suggests many teenagers buy very cheep second hand cars, especially if they are not supported by their parents.

        • Over the last few years, very few insurers have made an underwriting profit – the last time the industry as a whole had a positive underwriting result was in 1994.
          The cost of the cars is almost insignificant compared to the cost of the third party injury claims. The question you need to ask is “How many policies does an insurance company have to sell to offset the multi-million pound claim for someone who requires round the clock care following an accident?”
          Also bear in mind that the average cost of a single whiplash claim is reported to be £12,500 and that your own passengers are entitled to sue you, even if there is no other vehicle involved, and you (or rather your insurer) could be looking at a £50,000 claim for a low speed argument with a lamppost.

          • Ben

            I think that more “variables” should be taken into account with young drivers such as myself, in fairness. For example, I would mainly be doing motorway miles, and am mature in attitude towards driving.
            Then again, both of these could be taken into account through a phone call…you can get much cheaper insurance than through online quotes!

    • tobyg795

      women and all ways complaining about men being “sexist” but to be completele honest i think that women having to pay less than men for some thing is sexist towards men , ( i am only 14 and this is just my point of view)

  • Aaronlittlehales-06

    im 22 next month and i am wondering what is the best motor to get i passed in February this year please help

  • JIM

    I am a 18 year old male and I cant seem to find a cheap(ish) insurence for a wee £600 1.2 corsa B and I saty in the southside of glasgow and was wondering if anyone could help me out that is in (has been in) the same situation as me and has found a good insurer, the cheapest quote I have had is around the £4000 mark and all I am looking for is a quote between £1000-£2000ish. Cheers if you can help me

  • oligonnadrive

    how much is a classic beetle please for a 17/18 year old today i found out from some people they were expensive ,on the other hand they were mega cheap. im confuzzeled ps the classic beetle is nek.mtfc

  • nick

    I would rather my 17 year old son drive a “safe” £4000.00 car and pay £1000.00 insurance, as apposed to a £1000.00 dangerous heap paying £4000.00…..

  • I agree with
    matt2042 it annoys me as well. not all teenage guys are boy racers some of us are actually grown up and smart enough to use common sense on the road. as for cheaper quotes for Females I find that well sexiest! My sister is 28 and she has had more accidents than I have.

  • Viks1991

    I’m a young male with an EEC licence. Have held it clean for more then 2 years. And my cheapest quote still is 2200… Any suggestions..?

  • nathan ashbridge

    i would like to know why im getting quoted almost 3,000 pounds on a 1L clio when it only cost me 900 for the car? please explain im 19 and just passed

    • It isn’t damage to your car that costs so much to insure, it is the risk of damage to third parties, in particular personal injuries, that makes insurance so expensive for young drivers.

  • AshD

    You are all talking like 4000 is a lot, I just nearly fell to the floor when I got quoted 7,300 on a 1.0 Corsa

  • James

    I have a 1971 Morris Minor, as a 17 year old it cost me £586 for a years fully comp!

  • Dad of 3 teanages ( GULP )

    Just read Andy Stuart comment below! Doh! What happens if a young driver loses control, say through speed and hits 3 or 4 cars before mounting the pavement and injuring a pedestrian. Bet that lot comes to more than say £2000? how about £20,000. Insurance is too high for young drivers, insurance companys could give say 35% discount for young drivers with extra training.

  • madddddd!!!!

    drives me crazy how young males get robbed blind by the insurance companies, im 22 and never had an accident and was forced to get rid of my car last year as the insurance was still topping over 2 thousand a year! its ridiculous! half the people that race around arent even affected by the high prices because mummy and daddy pay it for them! grrrr!! RANT OVER.

    • I am sorry to hear this. Were you collecting your own no-claims bonus over this period?

      One of the problems with being a named driver is that, without your own no-claims building up, prices can remain relatively high for many years.

  • i managed to get insured on a 1979 triumph spitfire 1500 for just £2200 (btw i am 17 at the moment) for a small sports car that is a very good deal. basically my advise is to go for something that has a reasonable sized engine (1.0-1.5) that has a a small power output (spitifr producing 71 brake horse power)

  • hayley-may-cropper

    Where did you get the insurance quotes from for the toyota aygo and the citroen c1? cheapest I can find is £2400?

  • Dave

    Some of the comments below are fairly interesting. There are numerous people that are trying to insure cars with larger engine sizes for either themselves or for their children. Instead of risking fronting insurance and loosing your policy altogether, would it be easier to purchase a very small and cheap car, insuring it fully comp and then driving the main car as Third Party F&T? You would need to clarify that the fully comp policy allows you to drive other cars under your insurance but it’s got to be better than fronting as I believe it’s legal? Just a thought.

    • Both cars will need to have their own insurance policy (driving other cars extensions require the other car to have insurance in its own right).
      Very few young driver policies have a driving other cars benefit included these days.

  • Jake

    To insure my 04 (54) 1.2 Renault Clio Expression, it cost me £1650 and that’s with me passing a year ago with no experience and 2 named drivers. What sort of job you have (if any) makes a big difference! No job = big premium Full time boring job, like office waller or salesman = smaller premium. If it’s your policy, try to park it off road at night, investigate blackbox insurance, it’s unappealing if you have a bit of a lead foot, but it does make a huge difference if you’re willing to drive like at the speed limits and sensibly for a year, it will make a difference, and your policy changes with you.

  • does anyone know what the average insurance would be on a austin maxi for a 17 year old fremale???

  • linda

    i am about to buy myself a new car and my daughter will be 17 next year. any ideas on what car to buy? i want an eco car, thinking of Ibiza, fiesta or polo, or maybe the citreon ds3.

  • Driving experience if your an erratic person then you tend to drive faster in which is harder to accomodate to the brain causing fatal accidents… In my opinion i would say new drivers are less experienced but on the road they are still vulnerable and tend to play it safe. Ill be taking my lessone very soon next month and i am doing my graphic designers ba hons degree now…could i get some sort of discount due to being a mature student and my fuel consumptions being low?… As if i will be in this category of unexperienced i wont be on the road much at all…….please reply

    • There are discounts available if you don’t drive much, but with a limited mileage policy you need to be sure that you aren’t going to exceed the limit you pick. Typically limited mileage policies have set limits of 1,500, 3,000, 5,000 or 7,500 miles.

  • Coral

    im 17, and i want to get a little vauxhall corsa, but my cheapest quote is £3300!!! i am going to do pass plus…what else is there i can do 🙁 i have a full time job but as i am only 17 i only get paid basic money at the moment…

    • There may be discounts available if you are a member of an owners club, take additional security measures (garage, alarm) or advanced driving qualifications. Something like IAM or AnyDriver NVQ may offer a bigger discount than PassPlus with some insurers.

  • james

    when i first passed my test i was getting quoted around £4000 to £13000 on a 1.2 clio that cost me £2500 :S hahaha stupid!!! i have now held a full licence for around 10 months and am now 18, i ended up paying £1700 for insurance. i am now purchasing a new clio renaultsport 2.0 that i have been quoted £3500 for and is the same price my friend payed for a 1.6 corsa vxr turbo and is a year older than myself, i am aware this is a high price but taking into consideration the car and my driving experience it is fairly good compared to many quotes and many companies that wont touch me . i have spend ridiculous amounts of time learning about what effects insurance quotes and how to get a better quote. if you look into it enough you can find a good quote just takes time. also picking a car that is a car not commonly chosen within people of you age, gender, also having a small engine and low insurance grope. if anyone want any advise just ask and if i can id be more than happy to do what i can to help. 🙂

    • a_dalal

      Well, I know I’m meant to be a ridiculous amount at the moment, but I’ve just got my licence about 2 months ago and I just turned 24 a month ago (yes, I got my licence late, because I didn’t need it). My job would eventually require me to get a car that can do motorway quite often, so I’m looking for any advice on that front? Maybe a 1.4/1.5 litre car perhaps?

  • Matt

    I just got quoted £35000 for a 1.2 ltr corsa limited addition and £9000 for a Ferrari FF supercar by the same insurer! how can this be?

  • notafraid

    I’m 21 for me to insure a 2.0 turbo Audi A3 is £ 500. Can’t complain. Haha.

  • Pod

    Very good guide, but you’re missing the MGB GT 🙂 Seriously cheap to buy and insure. I passed my test 4 months ago and was quoted £520 a year. Only issue might be the 25mpg but that’s an average rate I think. And if I get a pre-73 one it’ll be tax exempt! I’ve always wanted a classic car, and at the age of 19yo I never believed I could afford it 🙂

    • smallzoo

      Where on earth did you get that price |

  • Ryan

    Everyone keeps going on about how 17 year old drivers have a higher (extortionate) insurance price because they have no experience behind the wheel. So what’s different when they’re 25 and still haven’t had no experience behind the wheel because the insurance is too much? I’m sorry but I don’t see how that is fair at all.

  • DOG

    My first car was a Audi a8 4.2 Quattro! OMG best car in the world! I have a range rover voge now 🙂 🙂 :-)! I got my son a VW golf he loves it, I highly recommended A VW gold to anyone looking for a new car for their son or daughter!

  • Sal

    im 17 I just passed my practical a week ago, bought a golf r32 4motion v6 for £11,000. And no one wants to insurance me, its a bloody joke! so now im driving withouth insurance

    • Duke

      In response to Sal: And when not if you get caught, you will be one of thousands of immature, naive youngsters (who clearly didn’t think to try get a quote first before blowing 11k) who are the reason you can’t get insurance in the first place. Where is your brain boy?

  • youngdriverwithabrain

    Sorry david but I disagree a pensioner driving is more likely to cause accidents than a younger driver due to the difference in road awareness and knowledge and understanding or new road rules and regulations.

    • Unfortunately, it isn’t really a question of opinion. It is the claim statistics that disagree with you.

  • Robert A’cat

    After looking at all the options I created a understakers company for my son.
    As he is the director he is covered on the company insurance to drive the Hearse and limosines. He get a few stares when travel at more normal speed with the cofffin in the back. He also has two Jaguars to drive all fully comp.
    A lot of stuff tax deductable.
    Obviously the company is registered off shore.
    The bank were only too please to front the money.
    The cost has been considerable cheaper than getting insurance on a Ferrari fo him.
    Plus he now has a Saturday job and business.
    I am just making enquiries to get and Aston Martin Hearse as they seems to be a demand for posh funerals :-).
    Just like to thank the vulture insurance companies for making me get off my arse and do something different.

  • craig

    if they are the prices for them cars why cant i get it for that price?

  • Rob

    Not sure where you have got these quotes from. I have tried to get quotes for a selection of these vehicles for my 18 yr old daughter. The Cheapest I got was for the Peugeot 107 coming in at £2570…. I would really like to know where you got these quotes from…

  • alpha_omega

    please stop moaning about insurance, it’s got to a point that it is ridiculous admitedly but please just stop constantly mentioning it at every turn, if you don’t want to drive then shut up and don’t but guess what?! If you want to then you’ll have to pay this excessive amount to do so and until the days insurance is not compulsory you shall do so! ‘Annoys me how all youngsters get stereotyped as likely to have accidents.. We’re not all the same! And it also annoys me that females get lower quotes? It just doesn’t seem fair..’ much in life is not fair and the sooner you begin to realise this the better off you shall be and so i say please just realise that if they had someone to come round to your house and spectate how you drive and measure wether it is safe or not then this would take too much money and far too much time that in the long run you would be paying a great excess for them too see that you’re a good, safe driver. Insurance is there for a reason and unfortunately the small minority spoil it for the greater majority.

  • Can you give prices for a 17 year old who lives in a high risk area, (CR41LD – Postcode). I can’t seem to find any insurance that is under £5000 and the car am trying to insure is group 1 vauxhall corsa!

  • Jimmeh

    Im looking at getting insured on a 1300 vw beelte 1972 and im getting quotes for £2,500 everywhere, im 17 and have just passed so this would be a first car! Where was the quote for £1450 from and was it for a 17 year old?

  • Danny

    hello all i have been trying to get insurance for less tham 3000 a year on any car not too bothered about male or model im 19 years old and have held my license 6 month and the cheapest is 3200

  • Selborne

    probably because 17 year old will try to set a land speed recorded every time they drive the car ! where as the 47 year old has grown up !!

    • Azeez Adeyemi

      how many 17 year olds have u seen on the news trying to set a land speed record

  • daniel

    im 22 got two kids need a nice family car to drive round and i carnt get insurance its terrible what am i going to go rallying with my kids in the car they do need to cosider other peoples views to say if a 17 year had a kid needed a car thay should lower the insurance it beyond a joke

  • scott

    The insurance compaines need to wake up, not all 17 year olds are chavvy and want to rag their cars ! some want to take their dog to the countryside or take their younger brother to the park and get a good paid job ! annoys me the tar me and many other 17 year olds with the same brush as ‘boy racers’ time something was done about this !

  • Concerned Parent!

    I don’t think the young drivers are that bad, we’ll no worse than I was at 17. I blame all the foreigners driving cars that are not insured, or have fake docs from abroad. They are the Idiots causing our young drivers to suffer. It all BullsXXt and the insurance companies need to sort them out and not punish us. Imagine if there was an insurance company purely for young British drivers. And gave quotes based on actual figures of young drivers….

  • Edward

    The problem is that a lot of you are getting insurance on a CORSA! You look on the roads and see how many ‘chavs’ and boy racers drive them! You need to look at other options. I looked at a Austin Metro 1.1 and it’ll cost around £1200 per year fully comp for a 17 year old with No NCB! But if you want more power, how about a Toyota Starlet 1.3? Fully comp 17 year old no NCB = £1500

  • rudy

    man im 16 got my license and have been working to save money for a car. now i got all these extra side payments to think about which is ridiculous…just trying to get myself a reliable car to get to school and back…not all teenagers are reckless only the spoiled ones who dont know what responsibility is…

  • Paddy

    Classic Cars, like the Mini , Beetle, MGB and others are cheap to insure for new drivers. (if it has small engine) . There is 2 reasons why.

    1. Classics are awesome, so you will drive more carefully so you don’t crash it.
    2. alot of 17 year olds are buying corsas, fiestas, polos etc. so the insure companies see them as high risk cars, so they can charge more for insurance.

  • mark ward

    I think a change is needed for young drivers insurance. One idea is below for example.
    Insurance premium for a 1.2 corsa £500
    Excess £2000
    The difference been is that the excess is paid up front and if the driver doesn’t have an accident then the excess is paid back or carried over each year till they have full NCB, at that point the money is paid back. The insurance company gets the interest for 7 years on top of the insurance premium.

  • Graham

    What a great idea Mark

  • marvi

    I think that now a days young drivers are dangerouse in there driving I mean once they get insurance licence to drive a car they lose focus on there driving and the rules of speed limit and by the way the money they have to is to muh 30,00 LIKE THAT IS JUST TO MUCH

    • Liam

      I disagree, I think people choose to be bad drivers, this gives young drivers a bad name, I am a sensible driver at the age of 17 and I’ve never had a ticket or ran a red light

      • Azeez Adeyemi

        I wholly agree with you Liam

  • paddy

    21 year old and can’t get anywhere near the prices this quotes… lowest Ive ever found is above £2500

  • Kayah Taylor

    Thank you Adrian flux you are the only insurance company helping youths.

  • This article is not called ‘Priceless Classics for Teens’ 🙂

    Nevertheless, you can get an eighties Austin Mini for around that figure, e.g. which will give your kids all the fun of Mini ownership without the risk of a heart attack every time they get a bit too close to a supermarket car park bollard..

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