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Young Driver Insurance

Well done on passing your test! If the cost of taking out young driver insurance has stopped your celebrations in its tracks, we might be able to help. Talk to us about FluxScore, which rewards safe driving and could save you up to 60% on premiums!

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Why get young driver insurance with Adrian Flux?

Saving up for a new set of wheels plus insurance can be a slog. Let’s face it, you’re getting older and want to be more independent, but you didn’t realise this first journey into adulthood would be so heavily tolled! And after spending so much on learning how to drive, your bank account is already feeling the strain.

Well, as a specialist insurance broker, Adrian Flux has you covered. Here are just four great reasons why we’re different from the rest.

Illustration of young person leaning against car
Illustration of young person leaning against car

Affordable car insurance quotes: we’ve been in the business for 50 years, meaning we have great relationships with our panel of insurers. This means we’re often able to beat a quote you’ve received from another insurance provider.

We do the legwork: fed up of filling in online forms to check insurance prices? Just give us a call, answer some questions, and we’ll do all the legwork for you. We compare policies from up to 30 insurers in around 15 minutes.

Tailored policies: we’re not at the mercy of computer rates. Our relationships with leading and niche insurers alike help get you insurance deals you won’t find online. And even if you’ve already got a quote, let us know – we always aim to beat it.

Modified car insurance specialists: we’ve got enough experience to know that if you’re thinking about modifying your car, chances are you’ll probably look after it really well. We specialise in modded vehicles, so we can offer you great prices if you’re a young owner of a modified car.

Young drivers sitting in car

Why is car insurance so expensive for young drivers?

New drivers are more likely to get into an accident where a claim is made, so car insurance providers need to make sure that the amount the policy costs reflects that. Younger drivers are higher risks to the insurance provider so pay a higher premium accordingly.

Young drivers sitting in car

Get a Young Driver Insurance Quote

What is the cheapest car insurance for young drivers?

If you’re still facing high Finding the cheapest car insurance policy will vary depending on your location, the type of car you choose, whether or not you fit a black box and more. You might be tempted to go directly to an aggregate site, and we say go for it, but make sure you give us a call afterwards. We aim to match or beat your cheapest quote wherever possible!

Young person standing next to car
Young person standing next to car

How to make car insurance cheaper for young drivers

The cost of young driver car insurance depends on a wide range of factors, from where you’ll keep the car when it’s not being used, to how much you modify your vehicle. Whilst some of these factors are out of your control, we have loads of hacks you can use to reduce car insurance premiums.

Illustration of young driver in car
Illustration of young driver in car

In the majority of cases, calling us for a quote will result in a cheaper deal than the ones you find online. We do our very best to match or even beat any quote you bring to us!

Telematics insurance, or black box insurance, can help reduce your premiums significantly. FluxScore black box insurance includes a mobile app (available on Android and Apple phones) that provides daily feedback on the way you’re driving so you can adjust accordingly and potentially reduce your insurance premium.

FluxScore also takes the stress out of breakdowns or accidents. With an SOS button on the box itself, you can get roadside assistance from the comfort of your own car. And if you’re injured in a crash, the black box will help locate you and send out help.

All the information FluxScore collects can also help prove your case if a third party is making a claim that you are at fault.

Planning on only driving a few thousand miles a year? Let us know when you call us and we’ll be able to put you on a limited mileage policy. This can significantly reduce your premiums.

Let us know if you’ve built up a no claims bonus on a moped, scooter or motorcycle as this can be used against car insurance policies.

For more information and tips to stay safe on the road, take a look at our guide for young drivers.

If you pass an additional qualification, we can knock off up to 25% from your insurance premiums. This could amount to hundreds of pounds in savings!

These qualifications are proven to reduce the likelihood you’ll get into an accident, which means insurers can offer cheaper insurance with relatively little risk. Additional qualifications include:

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Young driver sitting in driver's seat

Which car insurance is best for young drivers?

Like most motorists, young drivers have the following options when it comes to car insurance:

  • Third party
  • Third party, fire and theft
  • Comprehensive car insurance
Young driver sitting in driver's seat

This is the most basic type of insurance you can get. Although third party insurance will cover damage inflicted on other people or cars in an accident, you’ll have to fork out any money you spend on repairing damage to your own car – and you won’t be covered for fire or theft claims either.

Third party coverage sometimes actually works out as the most expensive type of insurance you can get as insurers have recently noted that they were processing more claims from policies with third party cover only.

This coverage is exactly the same as third-party-only coverage, except it covers your car in the event it catches fire or gets stolen.

This is the highest level of coverage you can get. Fully comprehensive insurance offers the same coverage as third party, fire and theft, but will also cover accidental damage to your own vehicle.

Adrian Flux’s fully comprehensive plans can also include windscreen cover.Whichever type of insurance you get, if you make a claim on your policy you will have to pay the excess. Not sure what this is? Don’t worry; we make sure to explain this to you when you get a quote.

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