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Five easy ways to pimp your caravan

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June 26, 2013
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SONY DSCWith summer just around the corner, the roads and campsites around Britain will soon be filling with caravans – but is yours ready for a stylish season of touring?

The number of people taking to the road in caravans has increased by 25 per cent in recent years, according to figures released by the Caravan Club.

And as more and more people open up their portable holiday homes for the first time since last autumn, they may find it’s time to revamp their surroundings and carry out a few simple makeovers to breathe new life into their cherished caravans.

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Before you set off, here are five simple ways to pimp your caravan:

Five easy makeovers for your caravan:

1      If you’ve got an older caravan and haven’t replaced the cushions or mattresses, now is the time to address the issue and have new foam cut to fit your van. Measure the seat pads and then visit a local foam supplier who will cut your foam to size.

2      Give your van a new lease of life with easy-to-sew cushion covers and curtains. You don’t have to be a genius with a sewing machine to whip up a few new covers and by making covers elasticated it makes them easy to remove and simple to change when you fancy a new colour scheme. Use calico and old fabric remnants to add colourful borders.

3      Floors in caravans often receive harsh treatment as you trail into your van with muddy or sandy feet. Carpet can look very tired very quickly, so rip it up and start again. Try using cheap carpet tiles or self-adhesive vinyl tiles which will be easy to keep clean. Current retro styling means that black and white vinyl tiles are very popular in vintage-style (or styled) vans.

4      One way to add a whole new look to your caravan is to paint the walls or add wallpaper. Walls in caravans vary from hardboard to a difficult-to-paint vinyl so you need to choose the right paint for the job and prepare the surfaces carefully. Wash with sugar soap and then use the paint appropriate to the wall surface – prepare to paint several coats, make sure your van is properly ventilated and that you take plenty of breaks.

5      Attention to detail is what makes your caravan really special. A new look can be achieved for barely any money if you source some new cushions and some brilliant car boot finds for your van, whether it’s vintage picnic-ware or a battery-operated fibre optic lamp.

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