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Luxury Volkner motorhome comes with car and garage

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November 3, 2017
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If the dark nights have got you yearning for the sun, close your eyes and imagine taking possession of this uber cool super luxury Volkner motorhome in time for next year’s summer holiday.

Manufactured in Germany, the Volkner Mobil Performance S comes cram packed full of creature comforts to make the journey, and the stop-overs, an experience of unparallelled pleasure.

This Volkner motorhome  even boasts a garage in which to transport your day car, which the manufacturers will supply, and is easily able to house a Porsche, BMW, Merc of Ferrari.

To stow the car you drive it onto an electro-hydraulic lift which raises safely into the motorhome’s expansive under-belly.

Volkner motorhome

Volkner motorhome will set you back £1.2m

Mind you, this most magnificent Volkner motorhome will set you back an eye-watering £1.2 million.

But for that you get a super mobile home, an absolute palace on wheels.

The 40ft Performance S offers a fully-equipped kitchen with bespoke cooking island on which to rustle up a veritable feast, ample dining and storage space and opulent sleeping quarters fit for a king of the road.

Volkner motorhome

Volkner motorhome – a luxurious house on wheels

As the Volkner company director Stephanie Volkner explains, the Performance S is “a house on wheels” – but an extremely luxurious house!

Volkner has proved itself over many years to be an elite specialist when it comes to the creation of luxury mobile homes.

Adrian Flux is also a specialist, in a variety of niche motoring markets, but with a special proclivity for camper and motorhome insurance.

Volkner motorhome

Volkner motorhome – a lifestyle choice

Adrian Flux understands that owning a motorhome is about lifestyle, at least as much as it is about the vehicle, and the policies offered takes this into account. All include a free green card for European travel, with some schemes even allowing trips of up to 365 days at a time.

Whether you bought your motorhome as a practical way to take a holiday or simply to facilitate fun weekends, Adrian Flux can provide the value for money motorhome insurance cover you are looking for.

Volkner motorhome

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