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Motorhome Insurance

Get affordable motorhome insurance that’s tailored to your needs and budget with Adrian Flux.

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Existing customers please call:

What is motorhome insurance?

Motorhome insurance covers you in the event something happens to it. Like other vehicles, you’ll need to make sure your motorhome is insured before you use it on public roads. A comprehensive policy tends to cover a number of occurrences, including:

  • Fire damage
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Damage or injury caused by an accident
Motorhome parked on grass in the sun
Motorhome parked on grass in the sun

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Flowers in the foreground with motorhome in the background

What kind of cover do I need for my motorhome?

There are three types of cover you can get for your motorhome: fully comprehensive, third party including fire and theft, and third party only cover.

Third party only cover is the minimum cover you’ll need to take out by law. It only covers damage to other people, their vehicle, or their property in the event of an incident.

Third party, fire and theft cover includes everything in third party only cover, plus protection for your vehicle against fire and theft.

Fully comprehensive cover is the highest level of protection for your vehicle. It provides cover if your vehicle gets stolen or is damaged in an accident, regardless of who is at fault, or by vandalism, attempted theft or fire.

Flowers in the foreground with motorhome in the background

Is motorhome contents insurance included?

If you need cover for your personal belongings, electronic devices, or hobby equipment, we offer personal possession and gadget cover.

Person reading outside motorhome
Person reading outside motorhome

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Motorhome driving down EU road

Am I covered to travel abroad?

When you drive your motorhome abroad, you’ll also want to make sure that you’re covered when you travel in different countries. At Adrian Flux, our motorhome insurance policies include UK and EU cover as standard for up to 180 days at a time. We have options for more if time abroad is required and can cover some non-EU countries too.

Motorhome driving down EU road

How much is motorhome insurance?

Motorhome insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. We have a range of options available depending on your needs, from temporary motorhome insurance that covers you on a short holiday to policies that protect your vehicle all year around.

The cost or your cover will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • How much your motorhome is worth
  • The vehicle’s age
  • Where you store it
  • If your vehicle has additional security features
  • How many drivers are on your policy
  • How long you’ve held your driving licence
  • Any no claims bonus you’ve built up
  • Your claims history and points on your licence
Woman looking at her motorhome
Woman looking at her motorhome

Over 81% of customers who got an online quote could have saved money if they’d called us instead.

Motorhome parked

Why choose Adrian Flux for motorhome insurance?

We understand that owning a motorhome is just as much a lifestyle as it is about the vehicle, and our cover takes this into account. Our motorhome insurance provides peace of mind with:

  • Discounts of up to 15% if you belong to a recognised forum or owners club
  • Insurance for drivers aged 19 to 80, covering vehicles valued up to £100,000
  • Audio cover for £400 as standard
  • Up to £1,000 windscreen insurance on selected policies
  • Cover for left-hand drive vehicles
  • Cover for American motorhomes, RVs, and high-end European models
Motorhome parked

Do I need motorhome insurance?

Insurance is a legal requirement if you’re planning on driving your motorhome. If you only drive your motorhome for a couple of months a year, you might want to declare the vehicle off-road for the rest of the year by applying for Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN). You might also want to consider taking out laid-up insurance during this time, which covers your motorhome when it’s being unused from fire, theft, vandalism or accidents.

Illustration of person leaning against motorhome
Illustration of person leaning against motorhome

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One of the biggest differences between motorhomes and campervans is that motorhomes are built onto the original vehicle chassis while the back of a motorhome is designed and built by a coach-builder company such as Auto-Sleeper, Swift, or Autotrail.

A campervan, on the other hand, is a van modified for camping. This could range from a bed being added to the back of the van all the way up to a full conversion with everything you would get in a coach-built motorhome added to the van.

A caravan differs from both of the other types of vehicles as it does not have a motor. Instead, it is towed on the back of a car or van.

You’ll need a separate insurance policy for your motorhome. But if you’re looking for a multi-car policy that covers a range of vehicles, we can help. Simply give us a call, tell us a bit about your vehicles, and we’ll do the rest!

The type and size of motorhome you’re allowed to drive will depend on what kind of licence you have. If you already have a UK-approved driving licence, you’re allowed to drive any vehicle under 3.5 tonnes.

Most motorhomes are between 2.5 and 7.5 tonnes. If you’ve got your heart set on a vehicle of a larger size, you’ll need a category C1 licence. Any motorhome over 7.5 tonnes will need a category C licence.

Take a look at our motorhome insurance case studies

Mr. H, LD1, Peugeot Bailey

Mr. H enjoys using his Peugeot Bailey for unplanned UK getaways that don’t require much planning. He’s used his motorhome for a little over a year. When he renewed his policy, Mr. H realised all his spontaneous trips were amounting to more miles than he was originally being covered for, so he’s recently increased his nominated mileage. He said that staff at Adrian Flux are always courteous, prompt and knowledgeable.

Mr. H was recommended to Adrian Flux as he had a previous insurance claim, which meant his previous insurer was unable to offer him cover. His premium was just £386.94 with Adrian Flux.

Mrs. R, WR2, Autosleeper Talisman

Mrs. R has had her Autosleeper insured with Adrian Flux for four years and gets a discount because of her limited mileage policy. When renewing her policy, Mrs. R likes the fact that Adrian Flux will price match in order to get her the best price.

Mrs. R’s premium was £239.65 with Adrian Flux.

Motorhome parked outside at night
Motorhome parked outside at night
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