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The essential car maintenance you won’t need if you buy electric

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March 28, 2018
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Modern electric cars are so simple that there is very little essential car maintenance that you will need to know.

For a start, if you are buying electric, your car will be new and will normally have a five-year warranty, meaning the essential car maintenance will probably be covered by the dealer.

Carbon-fuelled engines more complex than electrics

A carbon-fuelled engine comprises hundreds of moving parts and utilises complex components such as an exhaust system, starter motor, fuel injection, oil, radiators and gears.

Electric cars, on the other hand, have just three main components – the on-board charger, inverter and motor – and fewer moving parts.

This means there are less things requiring maintenance and servicing is simpler which should save you time and money.

Furthermore, the few things in an electric car that can wear out will be relatively simple to replace, in theory, making essential car maintenance a bit of a doddle.

essential car maintenance

Cheaper essential car maintenance on an electric

In fact, essential car maintenance on an electric car, according to estimates, will come in at a third of what it costs on a regular car.

The big issue for the electric is wear on the battery. Even with day to day TLC, it will very gradually stop holding a charge.

The deterioration will barely be noticeable but you will eventually have to charge the car more often and get less and less mileage out of it until the battery gives up the ghost completely and needs replacing.

However, the typical lithium-ion electric car battery should cover 100,000 miles while maintaining a decent driving range.

Buy electric and forget this essential car maintenance

  • No spark plugs to clean
  • No radiators to top up
  • No engine or gear oil to top up
  • No fan belt to tighten or replace
  • No hoses to check for leaks
  • No starter motors to maintain and service
  • No HT leads to clean or replace
  • No worries about your catalytic converter, no one will try to steal it, because electric cars don’t have them.

essential car maintenance

Good insurance – part of your essential car maintenance

Thanks to the success of the Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 and Tesla, more manufacturers are turning their attention to battery power all the time.

Many insurers remain wary of the new technology in electric cars, often penalising motorists because of fears over the costs of repairs but, as a specialist broker that has been in the electric vehicle insurance market from the beginning, Adrian Flux can offer tailor-made cover at a competitive cost.

Generous discounts are available for committed enthusiasts, security precautions and driving experience, with high-quality insurance cover at incredibly low prices for those who drive an all electric vehicle.

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