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7 tips to prevent horses in transit from dehydrating

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April 19, 2018
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You might own the snazziest motorised horsebox or horsebox trailer on the market but no matter how stylishly they travel, horses in transit can easily dehydrate in hot weather.

But, with horses in transit it’s not always easy to spot signs of dehydration. If they do dehydrate, however, the consequences can be heartbreaking.

horses in transit

Danger for dehydrated horses in transit

They will not perform at their best, but that will be the least of your worries, because they will also be as risk serious of long-term health issues.

Equine experts at Adrian Flux insurance offer seven tips aimed at preventing your horses in transit from dehydrating.

1 Plan your travel around the weather and avoid travelling in the middle of the day when the sun will be at its hottest.

2 Before setting off, it’s important to ensure horses in transit are fully hydrated by providing them with unrestricted access to food and water for several hours before setting out.

3 Plan for delays. When the sun comes out the roads get very busy and delays can quickly occur. Have plenty of food and water on board to keep your horses in transit happy, calm and healthy.

4 If you are making a long trek to a competition, make regular stops. The horses, and the driver will appreciate it! Horses should be offered water every couple of hours in hot weather.

5 Wherever possible provide horses water from a container they are familiar with. They will be acute to its taste too, so take a good quantity from your regular source at home.

6 Once you have arrived safely give your horses time to eat, drink and relax before saddling up for the big event. That way it will perform at its peak.

horses in transit

7 Make sure you have adequate insurance for your motorised horsebox or horse trailer. The costs associated with having an accident and damaging your trailer or horsebox can be very high.

It is also a good idea to have a breakdown insurance in place too. Flux Rescue breakdown cover includes cover for your trailer or horsebox and the horses in transit too.

In the event of an accident a team of specialists and a top of the range horsebox will be sent to recover your horses.

They will, if necessary, even close the road or lanes on a motorway and cordon off an area where your horses can take temporary refuge before they can safely continue their journey.


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