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Breakdown Cover for Horse Trailers

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When you’re travelling hundreds of miles to shows and events with horses, you want to be sure your situation can be handled with care in the event of a trailer breakdown. Managing a breakdown involving live animals requires an expert recovery team – and you need a breakdown service that can cover these circumstances.

Existing customers please call

At Adrian Flux Insurance we have more than 50 years’ experience of finding appropriate and affordable policies from our extensive panel of insurers. Our horse trailer Breakdown Service is offered to customers who take out a Horse Trailer Insurance policy.

We have many years’ experience in providing breakdown services and can access a network of specialist recovery agents to assist you. If required, we can also arrange for extra support from stabling yards across the country.

So if you are transporting a horse and your horse trailer breaks down, we can arrange for a team of specialists to recover your trailer and horses. If necessary, in liaison with the Highways Authority and Police, they can close road or motorway lanes, and cordon off an area to lead your horses to safety. Your horse trailer and horses can then be transported either to the end destination or back home as required.

What is covered in the Horse Trailer Breakdown policy?

Breakdown cover for horse trailers is available through Flux Rescue. It costs just £84.99 and includes the recovery of the horse trailer and up to three horses being transported.

These features are included in the policy.

  • Roadside service. We can arrange emergency roadside assistance to get you back on the road. If it cannot be repaired at the scene, we can arrange for the horse trailer, horse(s), driver and passengers to be transported to the nearest garage.
  • Recovery service. We can arrange for the horse trailer, horse(s), driver and passengers to be transported to a chosen destination if the horse trailer cannot be repaired.
  • Home service. We can arrange assistance at the home address, i.e. the location the horse trailer is kept, to get you started again. If it’s unable to be repaired at the scene, we can arrange for the horse trailer to be taken to the nearest available garage for repairs.
  • Emergency travel / accommodation. We can refund the cost of onward travel arrangements or necessary overnight accommodation for the horse(s), driver and up to five passengers. This can be possible if the breakdown occurs more than 50 miles from the home, the horse trailer cannot be repaired on the same day, and it isn’t recovered to your chosen destination.

Why should I choose Adrian Flux for my horse trailer?

Adrian Flux is well-respected insurance broker which has been offering specialist insurance policies for more than 50 years. Flux Rescue is operated by Hadleigh Breakdown, our breakdown recovery provider.

All our policies are tailored to meet the needs of our customers, which means we work with you to provide the cover you need at a price you can afford.

So if you are transporting a horse in the near future, contact us today about Horse Trailer Insurance and ask about additional trailer breakdown cover. Our insurance experts are available on





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