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Best digital car and bike magazine subscriptions to pass the time

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April 28, 2020
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Are you, like us, trying to find new ways to fill your time during this lockdown? We’ve put together a list of the best car and bike magazines that you can subscribe to. All these are available in digital form, so you won’t even have to wait for them to get delivered before you delve in!


We can’t not mention Influx magazine, which is powered by Adrian Flux. Influx was created with one aim: to celebrate the best of motoring culture. What started off as a small operation that was only circulated to Flux customers has turned into an industry-leading digital magazine.

This magazine provides in-depth reporting on a wide range of topics, from personal accounts of people’s relationships with classic or performance cars, to stunning films shot with the likes of Katarina Kyvalova and Rickie Finney.


Image source: Car Magazine

Generally applauded as one of the first motoring magazines that really delved deep into the industry, Car is an iconic magazine which most motorheads have come across at some point in their journey. The magazine has great subscription deals and is even offering the February 2020 edition free of charge through the Apple or Google Play store!

Whilst Car has fallen slightly out of favour in recent years, we still think it’s a fantastic all-rounder. The magazine provides readers with inspirational storytelling, beautiful photography, and honest journalism. From test drives and reviews to coverage on the latest tech and motor trends, there’s something in it for everyone.

Classics and Sports Car Magazine

Image source: Classics and Sports Car

We’re always looking for great new reads about classic cars – it is, after all one of our specialties as an insurance broker – but we can’t help but feel attached to this oldie. Classics and Sports Car Magazine started circulating in 1982 and is often considered the one-stop shop for current and aspiring owners. With information on events in the UK, buyer’s guides, upcoming auctions, and more, this is a great way to start your performance and classic car collection!

The magazine also includes in-depth analysis on the market and hidden classic car gems that have been found around the world. From the occasional barn find to restored classic car beauties, this magazine combines stunning photography with quality journalism. Perfect for classic and sports car enthusiasts, whether you’ve got several of your own or you’re just getting into the culture.

Whilst Classics and Sports Car Magazine’s print version is available through their website, you can get digital copies of the magazine emailed to you online through iSubscribe and Pocket Mags.

Fast Car

Image source: Fast Car

Are you a car modifier – or prospective car modder, for that matter? If so, Fast Car is the magazine for you. As the first of its kind to focus on the modifying niche, the magazine has fast become a staple and is now one of the most widely circulated periodicals in the UK.

Fast Car provides coverage on some of the biggest modified car shows, from SEMA in the USA to TRAX in the UK. But our favourite part of the magazine is the personal stories from Fast Car readers on how they’ve modified their own vehicles. The Reader’s Rides segment is also always entertaining. Essentially, this is where the readers send in photos of their rides and the writers judge which car is the best. After all, what makes the car culture if not us avid fans?

Classics Monthly Magazine

Image source: PocketMags

Covering – as the title suggests – classics and sports cars, Classics Monthly is dedicated to restoring, driving and enjoying vintage cars. If you’re looking for a magazine that provides practical advice for beginners and experts alike, this one’s for you.

Classics Monthly covers popular British and European classic and performance cars from the 1930s to the 1980s. From coverage on the Ford Anglia and Westfalia Camper to the stunning Jaguar E-type and Lotus Elite, we won’t blame you if you take a look through the digital archives for this publication.


Image source: Octane Magazine

This is another magazine dedicated to classic and performance cars, but with a bigger focus on higher-end models. Octane was the first magazine to focus on serious collectors and enthusiasts, as well as previous racing drivers. From buyer guides, news and market analysis to gorgeous features on the world’s finest classic and performance cars, this magazine has it all… plus, it’ll really make you want to buy an expensive watch.

Previous features include the Cobra, the Ferrari Dino V8, the Porsche Speedster, and more. This is a magazine so packed full of information and stunning photography that you’ll return to it time and time again.

Bike magazine

Image source: Bike Magazine

Originally intended as a one-off Car magazine special, Bike proved so popular that it became a monthly staple in motorbike enthusiasts’ homes across the country. Like Car, Bike magazine is known for its varied mix of features, from industry news and opinion to ground-breaking “Giant Tests”. These tests offered head-to-head comparisons between two different bikes, ultimately pitting them against each other to find out which one would come up trumps.

If you enjoy touring on your bike, there’ll be plenty of features that’ll get you feeling inspired. The May 2020 edition is a used bike special for those looking to score a great deal and get into the world of biking. If you do give in to temptation, feel free to visit and get a free quote for your new set of wheels.

Classic Motorcycle Mechanics

Image source: Pocket Mags

If you’re looking for a magazine that helps you get stuck into the practical side of repairing and tweaking motorcycles, Classic Motorcycle Mechanics magazine – or CMM for short – is perfect for you. Packed full of rebuild guides, road tests and reviews, as well as the latest news and events in the industry, this is perfect if you’re hoping to spend the rest of this period of self-isolation rebuilding your bike in the garage.

There’s plenty of coverage on Japanese and classic modern bikes, so if that’s where your passion lies, this is the magazine for you!

Practical Sportsbikes (plus Performance Bikes)

Image source: Practical Sports Bikes Magazine

Similar to Classic Motorcycle Mechanics, Performance Bikes magazine featured technical articles and product tests, as well as the latest news from the motorcycle community. The magazine is now a part of Practical Sportsbikes but it still manages to retain its appeal. Now, Practical Sportsbikes combines its original coverage of classic 70s and 80s bikes with the very latest from the biking world, from personal stories to the epic MotoGP.


Image source: RiDE Magazine

Whilst many applaud RiDE for its in-depth journalism, many more suggest that it’s one of the duller and more repetitive bike magazines out there. Despite this, we think that RiDE is a great magazine for people looking to get practical advice on riding techniques, maintenance tips, and even UK or worldwide tours.

If you’re looking to plan your next trip, this is the magazine for you. Take particular note of its March and April 2020 editions, as well as the upcoming June 2020 release. RiDE often includes not only great routes to take, but also information on each area, such as where to stay and top tips from locals.

Classic Bike

Image source: Classic Bike Magazine

Classic Bike magazine offers a variety of cover, from nostalgic features to practical workshop advice. The magazine also provides interviews with former and current professional racers, as well as collectors. Plus, the photos included will make you want to go right ahead and buy your next classic bike in an online auction.

If any of these magazines do make you take the plunge on a new vehicle, feel free to call Adrian Flux on 0800 369 8590 for a free quote. We’re specialists in insuring classic cars and high-performance vehicles, meaning you can be sure your new (or old!) car is in safe hands.

For bike insurance, call our specialist bike insurance division Bikesure on 0330 123 1028. All our best rates are provided over the phone!

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