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Goods in Transit Insurance

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If you’re working as a courier or delivery driver, you’re in haulage, or even if you just transport work equipment as part of your job, having the correct cover against damage and theft is vital. At Adrian Flux, we offer goods in transit insurance as an extra benefit when you take out commercial van insurance with us.

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What is goods in transit insurance?

Goods in transit insurance covers goods you’re transporting for your business while working as a courier. This type of cover protects against theft, loss or damage. It helps protect your business in the event something happens, and ensures you don’t have to pay out of pocket for expenses.

Why do I need goods in transit insurance?

From accidental breakages to items forcibly stolen from your vehicle, transporting any item, big or small, can pose an expensive risk – one that could have serious implications for your business should the worst happen.

To help with the risk of the loss, damage and theft of items from your vehicle, Adrian Flux’s goods in transit policy offers a wide range of cover. This includes cover for goods stolen from your vehicle to items broken during delivery.

We also offer separate public liability insurance, which can help protect you in the event you or your vehicle damages someone else’s property or causes accidental bodily injury.

For more information on our goods in transit insurance, which can be purchased with a commercial van, delivery driver or courier driver insurance policy, call us today on , or click the quote button below.

Goods in transit insurance features

Our goods in transit cover can be used by anyone across the UK, including those who do business on the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. To help you get the cover you need at a price you can afford, our goods in transit insurance can include the following benefits and discounts:

  • Covers damage, loss, or the theft of goods being carried in your vehicle
  • Protects goods being loaded or unloaded
  • Up to £500 cover for tarpaulin sheets and ropes
  • Personal property (excluding money) in your vehicle covered up to £500
  • Covers the following:
    • dismantling goods
    • goods that fall from your vehicle
    • costs of transferring goods to another vehicle after an accident
    • goods dispatched by you that are being transported by post or rail

How much does goods in transit insurance cost?

Adrian Flux’s goods in transit cover is available at a number of different levels depending on your needs. Our cover starts from just £67.20 for up to £1,000 worth of goods in transit. We offer a number of different levels of cover, all the way up to insurance for £75,000 worth of goods at the price of £172.20.

Drivers can take advantage of protected no claims bonus to keep premiums down, and can add extra cover to their policy with add-ons that include breakdown insurance, windscreen cover, and gadget insurance.

Is public liability insurance included?

We offer public liability insurance separately. Cover starts from just £19.99 and is ideal for couriers.

Get a quote

The UK-based Adrian Flux team is trained to help all of our customers to get tailored insurance quotes that offer the cover you need, at a price you can afford.

We don’t just offer flat rates and one-size-fits-all policies, instead we take your circumstances into account to find you a truly personalised insurance quote.

To find out more about Adrian Flux’s goods in transit insurance, call our team today on , or click the quote button below.

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Goods in Transit

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