Skogen Racing Ford Sierra


Having grown up very close to the noble Ford plant at Dagenham, the Sierra was always the everyman, middle of the road motor that, for me, personally, I would run from.

But as the years go by you can see more and more appeal in the car’s muscular, boxy lines. And every now and then you see one and you go, Oh, yes…..

This example from Sweden’s Skogen Racing, is not only cleaned up, crisp and smart with the black and white colour code that works so well: but it has a M50B25 engine strapped in its chest cavity.

I didn’t know either to be honest, but that’s a 2.5-litre BMW straight-six, as fitted to the E36 3-series. Apparently it offers around 190bhp as standard – and a turbo strapped to the side increases that and launches it into a mentalist stratosphere.