April Calendar Car – LaFerrari


One of this decade's ultimate drives

If you’re lucky enough to be enjoying a 2019 Influx calendar you’ll have been able to stare at this blue masterpiece throughout April.

The Ferrari LaFerrari is one of this decade’s greatest cars. Securing a blue one for our shoot guaranteed heads were turned as we carefully manoeuvred the car in and out of the studio in Norwich, and is one of a collection of cars for the owner (including two more in the 2019 calendar).

The LaFerrari uses hybrid technology to push its performance beyond what a purely petrol-powered car could achieve, but is not designed to be economical and so (unlike competitors from Porsche and McLaren) it cannot be driven on electric power alone. This car is not about fitting in, politeness or delicacy, it’s a brutal cavallino rampante, intent on becoming the greatest car of its era.

Being able to say whether it achieves this is quite simply beyond our pay grade – alas we were unable to sample this car’s true potential and compare it against other motors in its category – but, then again, are there any other cars like the LaFerrari?

Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Pagani and the aforementioned McLaren and Porsche may well have something to say about that – so any owners out there who fancy showing us what their car can do, please get in touch.

We’ll bring a camera crew, of course.

The LaFerrari boasts a 6.3 V12 which, when supported by the electric powertrain (which includes Kinetic Energy Recovery) can deploy 949 bhp, and with a focus on getting going rather than ultimate speed it’ll get to 60mph in just 2.4 seconds.  That’s not to say the top speed is slow, but it’s just pretty impossible to breach 200mph anywhere and so the car is only geared to reach 217mph (claimed by Ferrari).

And the cost? Well, of course, being one of the very very special Ferraris you had to be invited by Ferrari to buy one, so unless you’re on their ‘close friends’ on Instagram you’ll be buying a used example, so check your piggy bank for at least £2m. Probably more.