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Three of the best supercars of the 1960s

The Swinging Sixties was a time when the modern concept of cool was invented; a time of beauty, freedom and love.

Our three cars perfectly capture the spirit of the age, from the curvy beauty of the Ferrari 250 LM, the birth of Lamborghini and the evolution of the achingly classy DB range from Aston Martin.

Look back with us at three of the most special supercars ever made.

V12 Lamborghini 350GT

What does a wealthy Italian tractor manufacturer do when he's not happy with the Ferrari 250GT that sits on his drive? He makes his own sports car, of course.

Legend has it that Ferruccio Lamborghini's spiky spat with Enzo Ferrari, who told his customer to stick to making tractors when he pointed out the car's shortcomings
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Straight 6 Aston Martin DB6

Aesthetically, the DB5 - perhaps James Bond's most iconic set of wheels - was a hard act to follow, and the DB6's fashionable Kammback tail did not sit well with Aston's more conservative customers.

But it did serve a practical purpose, with its built-in lip spoiler improving on the DB5's less-than-perfect stability at high speed and giving the new car a more sporting appearance.
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V12 Ferrari 250 LM

All Ferraris are special, but the 250 LM holds an exalted place in the pantheon of Prancing Horse legends.

Not only is it viscerally beautiful, with a spine-tingling V-12 engine producing 320bhp, but it remains the last Ferrari to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans back in 1965.
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