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The pros and cons of black box insurance

You might have heard a lot about black boxes from your family and friends. Whilst your friend might complain about the restrictions they face with a telematics device, your parents might suggest that they’re a great way to save money as a first-time driver.

But who should you listen to, and is a black box policy right for you? Find out the pros and cons of this type of insurance, as well as how much you could save with one by reading our blog.

Pros of black boxes

The main pros for telematics devices are as follows.

Cheaper insurance for young and convicted drivers

The main attraction for black boxes is that they’re usually cheaper than standard insurance schemes. This usually works through a connected app or website, which will give you daily, weekly or monthly feedback.

Feedback often focuses on how you’re driving and where you might have gone wrong. This can help you correct any mistakes you make before they add up to pricey premiums. You can find out more about how this kind of cover works by reading our blog on black box insurance explained.

If you’re a young driver or you have previous convictions and are facing high insurance premiums, black boxes can be a great way of helping you prove what a great driver you are – all while saving money! And this usually translates to lower insurance premiums after at least a year of driving with a black box – you might find your premiums see a reduction of as much as 60%!

You can choose who views your information with the right insurance policy

Whilst there are some worries about telematics devices compromising your privacy, this isn’t always the case. A lot of schemes allow you to choose who views your information.

So whether you want to share your information with your parents or you want to keep it private, the power’s in your hands to decide. You can check whether this is the case for your chosen insurance provider by reading their terms or asking a staff member.

Ideal for convicted drivers to prove you’re a safe driver

This type of insurance isn’t just for young drivers. It can also help you if you’ve previously received motoring or criminal convictions. A telematics policy will help you prove that you’re a safe driver and can therefore translate to cheaper insurance at renewal, especially if you don’t need to make a claim.

Can deter thefts

If your black box is on show, chances are thieves will think twice about stealing your vehicle while you’re gone! Most black boxes are, effectively, a tracker, so will easily be able to locate your car in the event it gets stolen. This is particularly important if you’re a motorhead and wanted to treat yourself to a nice car.

Some black boxes aren’t immediately visible to passersby. As a result, whilst cars with non-visible telematics devices are just as likely to get stolen, the likelihood of them getting recovered is a lot higher than if you were to have a standard car without a tracking device or black box.

Can help settle claims

Say someone accuses you of crashing into them and you weren’t even at the scene, or they accuse you of causing the accident when in actual fact they did, the data collected by the black box can help prove that you either weren’t even at the scene or that you didn’t instigate the accident.

Can help improve driving skills

A black box can work as an extension to your driving lessons. Many give regular feedback to tell you how you’re doing. Some apps even allow you to see a map of where you went wrong, so you know for next time not to make the same mistake. This can help build confidence on the road.

Translates to cheap car insurance when you pass and get regular insurance

Whilst you might view telematics boxes negatively, it’s actually a great way of slashing your premiums by hundreds – or even thousands in some cases. And once you’ve proved that you’re a safe driver to insurance companies, that translates to cheaper car insurance too.

Some insurance policies also offer a no claims bonus for claims-free driving even when you’ve got a black box.

Cons of black boxes

Here are some of the negatives of telematics devices.


Some insurance companies will share information with your caregiver without a second thought, which is why we’ve made this both a pro and a con.

According to a recent study, it was found that young drivers drive more safely when their parents have access to the data collected from their telematics device.

As a result, it’s no surprise that some insurance providers make it mandatory for black box information to be shared with parents of young drivers.

Can’t tell the difference between you driving and another person driving

Young driver leaning out of car with keys in hand

If you’ve added named drivers to your policy, be careful who you choose! This is because the black box won’t be able to differentiate between different drivers. As a result, if the other person makes any mistakes, this could impact your insurance premiums.

Get a quote from Adrian Flux

At Adrian Flux, our black box insurance could save you up to 60% on your renewal price with safe driving. Plus, with no curfews, the ability to fit the box yourself, and the ability for you to choose who views your information, we think we offer the best device available. Get a free, no-obligation quote by calling us on 0800 369 8590. Alternatively, get a callback by filling out our callback form.

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